Nikkolette Day: Bringing Davwood Productions to the Forefront of the Entertainment Industry

Nikkolette Day: Bringing Davwood Productions to the Forefront of the Entertainment Industry

Nikkolette Day is the type of person who loves a good challenge. She finds joy in analyzing different situations and coming up with creative ways to solve them.

By trade, she is a marketing professional who is passionate about helping ventures overhaul their brand and breathe new life into it. She finds satisfaction in being able to build back struggling companies, restoring their popularity, and making them profitable again. 

On the other hand, she also admits that new ventures and underdog businesses hold a special place in her heart.  The expert marketer finds it immensely fulfilling to see a brand grow from humble beginnings into a household name. 

Whether it is a company in a standard industry or an entirely new and innovative business, Nikkolette Day feels a great sense of accomplishment knowing that her efforts have contributed to the success of a startup brand. Seeing the brands she helped grow and thrive is more than enough reward for the outstanding woman. 

Most recently, Nikkolette Day has applied for a position in the family-owned business Davwood Productions. The videography company is based in Des Moines, Iowa, and is owned and founded by husband and wife tandem Joe and Tanya Wood. The couple came into the production business with Joe serving as the video wall tech and stagehand while Tanya is responsible for overseeing and brainstorming ideas on the business side. 

She sat down with the owners for a breakfast meeting and, due to her expertise in marketing and advertising, was given the position of Marketing Director. The dynamic personality wasted no time and immediately went to work by doing some research and making a few phone calls.

One of the things she found out was that in its early days, the business was advertising with a logo that says, “Bring your memories to life.” Additionally, the company offers basic videography services for weddings, live events, and corporate events.  While all of this seemed great, the master marketer was determined to find ways to elevate Davwood Productions. 

Her suggestion to owner Joe Wood to broaden their horizons and expand their service offerings has improved the man’s confidence and ignited his entrepreneurial sense. As a team, they decided to go outside the norm by putting together music festivals and small venue concerts with new artists, rising stars, and well-known artists. They have also onboarded a photographer to the team and now offer drone videography as well.

These simple yet significant changes have effectively opened up the company to new clientele and a broader audience. Yet despite these adjustments, Nikkolette Day and the rest of the team have remained faithful to Davwood Productions’ original goal of “Bringing your memories to life.”

The marketing director is confident that the company is on the road to becoming a household name. In the future, she hopes to scale the business and allow it to open a contact office on each coast and possibly a few more in between.

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