Newly Launched Online Academy The Mystery School Promotes Wellness

This academy creates a community that allows its members worldwide to interact freely and support one another.

Making a connection with somebody has always been a challenge. Even with the technology and the Internet of the fast-paced world before Covid-19, many were already experiencing loneliness and disconnection from others. When the pandemic hit, everyone’s social lives became poorer, given the stay-home policies and travel restrictions put in place. It was not an easy feat for some back then, and it is even worse now. Isolation has become part of the daily grind for almost everyone today. If not intervened, it can lead to unhealthy well-being.

To avoid this from happening, The Mystery School launches various courses that aim to promote wellness and improve one’s inner state. The Mystery School is an online community created to help individuals cope up with these challenging times. It was made to be a comfort zone, a haven, and an online home for individuals trying to find themselves in a world full of unfamiliar things. It is for anyone anywhere in the world who wants to find other individuals they can relate to, express him/herself freely, and make connections.

The Mystery School offers yoga, breathwork, meditation, writing, painting, plant medicines, and cooking courses. These classes are designed to boost one’s confidence and well-being. Just like regular school classes, they are taught alongside other members. Although they are online, encouragement and support from co-members are present, which builds a connection between individuals. Through these courses, members can discover more about themselves, learn new skills they never knew they had, and be aware that the things they need to keep themselves happy and healthy are right with them the entire time.

The Mystery School serves as the guiding force for its members to pursue their passion, try out new things, and explore the world through its course offerings. It makes sure that each member has a unique and fun experience while learning and completing their chosen course. According to a community member, knowing there are people out there who can understand and provide support at any time is truly remarkable. “Every piece of wisdom afforded in this community — every class and actual life-changing technique, to the memes and day-to-day support — is pure light. A sanctuary. It is truly a magical moment when you realize that everything you ever needed was inside of you the entire time.”

The Mystery School’s courses are available online through its website. The school offers both monthly and annual membership programs, as well as a seven-day free trial. Members have access to weekly live calls, more than 200 hours of classes, new teachers, monthly challenges, and in-depth courses. There is also a community chat where members can interact with other members from around the globe, encouraging friendships despite geographical limitations.

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The Mystery School is an online school that offers different courses such as yoga, breathwork, meditation, writing, painting, plant medicines, and cooking. Designed to promote well-being, the school provides a community where its students can freely interact with one another and be themselves.

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