Medium Sherry Gallant: Psychic Mediums Emerging As Wellness Coaches

Supporting and providing validation and comfort for those going through the grieving process.

August 13, 2021 – This is the New Age; more and more humans are adopting progressive sets of spiritual perspectives and values. For the first time in generations, people are looking to holistic wellness for healing, and this includes Clairvoyant Mediums.

The idea of hearing from loved ones after death is hard for a lot of people to grasp. After losing a loved one, it’s only natural to feel lost and unsure where to turn for healing.

It can be difficult to move on, but spiritual communication is a certified way to help receivers cope and move forward from the pain of loss. Sherry Gallant is a natural Psychic Medium, on a journey to help people find closure and/or comfort by reconnecting them with their loved ones.

After a person has passed, their spirit may remain close to loved ones in order to help heal the broken heart that comes with loss by way of a message (of love). Spirit has the ability to return, unlimited times, and can provide messages for those who need them most.

The recipient of those messages can receive them in many different ways – a feeling, a dream, a coincidence, a smell, etc. all of which feel uniquely specific to their loved one who has passed.

Mediumship is not so taboo anymore; spirituality is gaining traction as a form of healing and self-help, especially in the wake of losing someone close. Spirituality is commonly used now as a holistic approach to mental wellness; finding peace in knowing that loved ones are happy again.

“Grief is not an illness or a sign of weakness; it is the price we pay for love. Believe and you will receive,” says Medium Sherry. Mediumship for Sherry Gallant is more than a job, it’s a calling to help people tie up loose ends with loved ones who’ve passed. Every reading and live show with Sherry is a time of genuine reflection, laughter, and gratitude.

About Medium Sherry Gallant

Sherry Gallant always thought she might have “intuitive” abilities. But all was validated for her, after being involved in a serious car accident. Since then, Sherry has helped thousands of people by connecting them with their loved ones in spirit and providing them with messages of love that have helped to heal their broken hearts. Spiritual readings can be done as “a group” or “in private”. Sherry shares her messages from spirit in the most caring and compassionate way and provides her clients with the support and guidance that helps them heal from grief.

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