Next Generation Pet Wellness Partners with Veterinarians to Offer Custom Nutrition Services for Pets

By partnering with Next Generation Pet Wellness, veterinarians across the country can provide their patients with nutrition consulting and homemade diet formulation.

Proper nutrition is vital to improve overall health and quality of life. And this applies not only to humans but to pets as well. However, far too many pet parents are making unbalanced meals for their pets simply because they don’t know pet nutritionists exist. But with more and more pet owners acknowledging the value of proper pet nutrition, the demand for nutrition services is becoming overwhelming for veterinarians to handle alone.

Founded by Samantha Henson, a clinical pet nutritionist, Next Generation Pet Wellness can help alleviate some of the stress veterinarians face while helping dogs and cats in the process. Although based in Michigan, Samantha sees patients virtually all over the U.S. and seeks to partner with veterinarians around the country to offer their patients an additional resource for care by way of
nutrition consulting and homemade diet formulation.

“For veterinary practices to offer the additional service of nutrition consulting is a way to address the 11 million new pet owners in the US who want exactly that. A full-service, well-rounded practice,” shares Samantha.

Through NGPW, people can get unbiased information about pet nutrition. Not to mention a customized one – since each pet has different needs after all. Samantha and her team work directly with pet owners to help them create balanced AAFCO formulated recipes that are healthy, easy to make, and loved by pets.

With the sheer amount of conflicting and confusing information existing online and the amount of pet food options to choose from, NGPW makes sure they address their patients’ needs – straight to the point. And since they are not tied to any specific brand of food, their recommendations remain honest and impartial.

In her 12 years of experience working on the health and wellness of animals, Samantha and her team have helped thousands of cats and dogs live their happiest and healthiest lives through proper, biologically appropriate nutrition, supplementation, and exercise. She also equips pet owners with the tools and education they need to help their furry family members.

Samantha is a pioneer in the personalized pet nutrition space and has been able to effectively boost veterinary client’s overall satisfaction and retention. As a CPN, she can help pets whose owners want to make their pet’s food, pets with health issues – such those struggling with allergies, a sensitive stomach, and even cancer – as well as pets who need to lose or gain weight.

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About Next Generation Pet Wellness

Next Generation Pet Wellness was founded by Samantha Henson, a clinical pet nutritionist and pet nutrition specialist, to provide veterinarians an additional resource for care through nutrition consulting and homemade diet formulation for pets.

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