What is Enhanced Coffee? Joe 2.0 Launches a New Category

Joe 2.0’s Coffee is Focus Boosting and Stress Reducing.

Joe 2.0 launched this week, and with their start comes a whole new category of coffee.

Enhanced coffee, as they call it, is coffee infused with natural herbs and amino acids. They claim that adding these research-backed ingredients to coffee grounds gives their coffee more benefits than just a caffeine kick.

The company states that Joe 2.0 will still help people wakQe up, but it will also increase focus, boost brainpower, and reduce stress. They claim that it also helps to avoid the jitters or mid-day caffeine crash that many people experience after drinking regular coffee.

The difference between Joe 2.0 and regular coffee is meant to be felt right away, but the company maintains that it can take one to two weeks of drinking it regularly to realize its full potential.

Coffee traditionalists should not be afraid, says their founder, as Joe 2.0 still tastes like the beverage that they know and love. The herbs and amino acids in Joe 2.0 are completely tasteless, and all that’s left is the flavor of their organically grown, small batch roasted coffee. It is vegan, non-GMO, and keto friendly.

Joe 2.0 is sold in traditional coffee bags or single serve pods, and more information is available on their website https://drinkjoe.co/.

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