Erin Ramsey elevates her dating and relationship podcast, You’re Such a Catch®

Ramsey turns podcast into a multi-business venture focusing on helping women love themselves first.

Erin Ramsey is the Creator, and Host of You’re Such a Catch®, a top-rated dating and relationship podcast. Now, she is announcing that the brand will expand by offering a variety of services. She will be leveraging her knowledge and experience with relationships to help women find love, starting from within. One-on-one coaching was an instrumental part of Ramsey’s journey to find love. She wants nothing more than to pay it forward by coaching women who have everything going for them. They’re intelligent, career-driven, successful, beautiful inside and out. They’re “catches,” but they’re missing one thing, love and a partner.

As a fan of love stories, Ramsey wants to capture the “how we met” stories from everyday people and record them to be passed down to generations. This service, Catch of a Lifetime, will be available in late September.

Single women will be served through podcast episodes, one-on-one coaching, live events, and singles mixers. Men and women can also apply to be featured as the Catch of the Week, spotlighting eligible singles on You’re Such a Catch’s website and social networks.

Ramsey’s mission is to help women recognize their worth, preserve their individual identity and remember that their relationship status does not define them. More information can be found at

About Erin Ramsey

Erin Ramsey is a podcaster, writer, dating guru, master manifester, and hype woman.

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