Protecting the Rainforests One Bracelet at a Time with One Million Acres

Through its bracelets, this social enterprise is on a mission to protect one million acres of endangered rainforest and empower indigenous artisans to rise out of poverty.

Many people tend to forget just how vital rainforests are for every living being’s survival. Trees, in general, provide oxygen, improve air quality, stabilize the soil, and facilitate life to wildlife. As a natural resource, they also provide valuable commodities like wood, which can be used as a material for tools and shelter. Unfortunately, they are experiencing the same fate as oil, coal, and other natural resources – often being taken advantage of for profit.

In fact, the mass destruction of trees or deforestation is still very rampant, with large companies exploiting the rainforests’ riches, including the indigenous communities taking care of them. This harsh reality was seen firsthand by Danny Blue during his trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador last 2018, prompting him to start the social enterprise, One Million Acres.

Despite the disgruntling rate of deforestation happening all over the world, One Million Acres, also known as OMA, is committed to save the world’s remaining rainforests, one acre at a time. The social enterprise follows a three-tiered approach that combines conservation, reforestation, and indigenous empowerment.

With every purchase of their artisan-made bracelets, OMA is able to fund the protection of an entire acre of an endangered rainforest and the planting of a tree. At the same time, this allows them to create honest and reliable jobs for their artisan partners, who can earn 4-5x their standard living wage. OMA has received the “Guaranteed Fair Trade Origin” certification by the World Fair Trade Organization, ensuring each bracelet is produced in compliance with fair-trade labor practices and transparency.

What further sets OMA bracelets apart from other brands is they are proudly handcrafted using only sustainably sourced, organic, and regenerative materials such as Tagua and Chambira. They even come in zero-waste plantable packaging, returning all materials to where they originally came from – the Earth.

“What happens to all those bracelets with nylon (aka plastic) strings when they’re at the end of their life cycle? They go right back into a landfill. Our first-of-its-kind fully biodegradable bracelet not only helps protect endangered rainforests, but also addresses the issue of using materials that are detrimental to the planet,” says the OMA team.

To date, OMA has been able to protect 15,200 acres of endangered rainforests – thanks to its partnership with Rainforest Trust. Their continuous support has enabled the allocation of 100% of the project donations directly to conservation efforts for the Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world.

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About One Million Acres

One Million Acres (OMA) is a social enterprise founded by Danny Blue, with a mission of protecting one million acres of endangered rainforest while empowering indigenous artisans to rise out of poverty through the sale of OMA bracelets – a sustainably sourced bracelet made entirely of organic materials from the Amazon rainforest.

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