Hryzn is the simplest way for communities to connect through niche topics and make money online.

The online marketplace where all people, creators, and brands can grow by connecting directly with their audience through niche topics and build their business.

For over a decade, online platforms have enabled people to explore the many opportunities to earn a livelihood. From the power of Uber conceiving an economy built through “services”, to now the rise of monetizing the passion and individuality of creators. This progression that’s taking the world by storm is called the “Passion Economy”, and may change the way one may think of a “job” in the near future.

However, in this new enlightenment lies a great imbalance of power between creators and platforms. Large social media platforms have turned creators into their commodity, forcing users to yield to their say due to the dependency on these companies for distribution and growth. Additionally, these platforms lie ignorant to the oversupply of creators, as oversaturation makes it impossible to compete against rivals. With no say in the matter, individuals remain helpless and must abide by the very rules that don’t allow them to stand out.

Hryzn aims to avert this upcoming crisis, and uphold the strong progression of the passion economy. Hryzn’s foundation was built around the necessity for a creator to find and connect to a community. With a built-in search engine similar to Youtube and Pinterest, all people have a way for their content to appear for what an audience is searching for, even those that are just starting out. People can collect tips, set up subscriptions, and sell products to grow their brand and make passive income online. Hryzn even aims to be a democratized platform that puts the power back in people’s hands through transparency and a user voting system.

“We want to provide a way for all people to live a life that truly makes them happy, no matter if you’re a kid in college, a local artist, or even a growing brand.” says Brian, co-founder of Hryzn.

Hryzn was born to provide a way for people to have their interests connect them with their community, regardless of what it may be. People from around the globe now have a simplified way to connect with like-minded people and make money from what they’re passionate about.

It’s entirely free to sign up and more information can be found by going to their website

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