Cadillac Cars to Get AR In-Car Navigation System, WIMI’s Black AR-HUD Technology Draws Attention

Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “Cadillac Cars to Get AR In-Car Navigation System, WIMI’s Black AR-HUD Technology Draws Attention”. The new 2021 Cadillac Escalade comes with an AR navigation system that enables distraction-free on-screen navigation through AR notifications. In a video provided by the company, actor Lamman Rucker leads us through the SUV’s AR HUD function. After marking your destination via the touchscreen, real-time information about the road is displayed directly on the 38-inch instrument panel located above the steering wheel.

“AR Navigation is a great feature that operates on a live street view and guides the driver through the steering process with the AR HUD displaying the navigation route,” said David Schiavone, Cadillac Escalade Product Manager. It’s worth noting that as the vehicle approaches the navigation steering target, the blue navigation arrows become larger and larger to constantly remind the driver to steer and drive.” In addition to the AR HUD display, the AR navigation system also emits a steering sound as the vehicle approaches the steering target, with the alert sounding louder the closer the vehicle gets to the target.

While AR HUD-based AR navigation still has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream, Cadillac’s in-car AR navigation marks a key step forward in bringing AR navigation to market. As smart driving technology continues to innovate and more and more external sensors are added, the functionality and effectiveness of AR-HUD will be further enhanced. More car brands will be able to carry relevant similar functions and systems to be used popularly. Intelligent Internet Connection is gradually becoming the core of the automotive industry chain, and HUD technology is becoming more and more important to car companies. What is HUD, what is AR-HUD, what are the future development trends of AR-HUD and which companies are laying out AR-HUD in depth?

From Cadillac Escalade to Microsoft’s hololens, we have seen that AR-HUD has gained the support of many manufacturers. Currently, WIMI, another AR technology giant, has their platform supporting developers to create immersive AR experiences based on AR technology that can be applied to a wide range of domains.WIMI’s all-in-one system covers the creation, management, testing and distribution of AR solution applications providing a complete infrastructure.

WIMI has created a range of products including in-car AR holographic HUDs, 3D holographic pulsed LiDAR, head-mounted light field holographic devices, holographic semiconductors, holographic cloud software, holographic car navigation and other specialised areas. the WIMI team has significantly increased its R&D expenses by 362.8% year-on-year to RMB85 million in 2020 again, building a good technology for the company in the holographic AR industry competitive barriers to maintain a leading edge.

WIMI’s AR-HUD technology leads the future

As early as a few years ago, WIMI has been closely linked with the automotive industry around the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, the development and application of intelligent vehicles, and the promotion of new energy and intelligent vehicle applications. WIMI has embarked on the development of solutions such as holographic in-vehicle devices, holographic in-vehicle chips and holographic in-vehicle software to meet the demand for holographic applications for electric vehicles. We are committed to the integration of holographic hardware and software solutions and the development of more holographic AR application products applicable to the electric vehicle industry.

In the automotive field, cars are gradually transforming from mechanical products to electronic products. Combining holographic AR with driving navigation systems, the WIMIAR service upgrade provides AR navigation functions such as displaying information on lanes, destinations, current speed, etc., and integrating ADAS advanced driver assistance system functions.

The WIMI Holo AR HUD launched by WIMI can be customised with the following functional modules: optical processing, image processing, voice interaction, night vision imaging, augmented reality, cloud services and other technologies to achieve vehicle OBD data reading, Bluetooth phone, full voice control, relevant setting functions, etc. It displays a three-dimensional aspect through the windscreen to provide safe driving services to vehicle owners as well as value-added automotive services. In this change programme, the role of AR-assisted intelligent driving will significantly increase the proportion of automotive electronics, software algorithms, etc. in the value of the car.

According to industry research report analysis, the in-car HUD market, is ushering in the time of large-scale application. the market, including AR-HUD, is continuing to attract the attention of many companies, AR-HUD market competition will intensify. WIMI’s AR-HUD solutions are not only applicable to automobiles, but can also be applied to a variety of industries such as smart rail and smart manufacturing. For the future, WIMI will maintain a long and stable supply through a high degree of innovation in order to win more customer recognition, industry recognition, and industry trust.

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