Global Entrepreneurs Fund Supplements Wiki To Help Readers Understand The Substances That Benefit Their Health

Supplements Wiki is a non-profit and innovative project initiated by global technopreneurs to provide reliable COVID-19 related supportive therapy.

The pandemic is real and it’s getting worse. Therefore, we need to spread awareness of what we can do as individuals to improve our health and fight against this global threat. Supplements Wiki, an innovative and creative approach built on humanity, is looking for ways to make a difference in people’s lives. With more than 100 articles on essential substances that have proven effect on COVID-19 in different countries, this project is worth being called the Wikipedia for COVID-19 supportive therapy.

The team at Supplements Wiki is excited that their site has been featured in LA Weekly and other online resources. This project aims to provide readers with a comprehensive resource for nutritious foods and dietary substances, particularly those that have proven health benefits against the SARS-COV2 threat. The system works similarly to, where users from all over the world are free to upload their articles and success stories on substances that work for them, and the country ambassador (i.e., moderator) will verify the information through calls, emails, or social media.

“We hope to build our wiki into a go-to reference guide for anyone who wants credible information about COVID-19 nutrition in their country or helping their friends in other countries. In addition, we are currently adding more data on other properties needed for COVID-19 patients, such as oxygen and other health supplies. Normally, this information is only known in a local and small community. We make them globally available to reach more people. ” says James Cummings, CEO of Supplements Wiki.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in nutritional science, biotechnology, medicine, and pharmacy, the founders know the importance for ordinary people to get access to accurate content about which substances will help them achieve optimal health – especially during difficult times like this pandemic scare.

What Information Can You Get?

There are two types of articles on Supplements Wiki website – “What” where visitors will learn about what nutrients they need in their diet and how much they should eat each day; and “Who” which focuses more on specific ingredients such as Vitamin D or Zinc. After learning about these different topics, readers can create a personal account and log their information about COVID-19 supportive therapy.

“We want our users to take responsibility for their health and wellness after learning more about COVID-19 support through Supplements Wiki.” says co-founder Steve Stoyko. “And because we believe in accountability as well as transparency – we disclose all of our links so visitors can visit them and learn more about us at”

About Supplements Wiki

Supplements Wiki is an innovative project designed to help readers understand the substances that will support their COVID-19 diagnosis through education and transparency. In addition, the platform provides visitors with knowledge of nutritious foods needed in one’s diet and what amounts are required each day.

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