Plate Recognizer™ ALPR Now Detects Vehicles Without License Plates

Plate Recognizer™, a leading automatic license plate recognition (ALPR or ANPR) software company, announced the latest release of Plate Recognizer Stream which now has the capability to identify a vehicle’s presence without license plate detection.

Plate Recognizer Stream is a high-accuracy ALPR software that efficiently processes live camera or video feeds in real-time. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to provide accurate detection and recognition of license plates, along with the vehicle’s region/state, type, make, model and color, orientation, and direction of travel.  With this latest release, Plate Recognizer Stream can now recognize that a vehicle is present even if its number plate is missing, unable to be processed, identified, or seen. 

Plate Recognizer Stream runs on-premise on a variety of hardware, including Linux, Windows, Mac, and Jetson.

“At its core, ALPR software requires a license or number plate for it to work effectively.  However, there are instances where a license plate can not be detected such as when the plate is missing or obscured.  This means parking lot operators do not have full information by which to manage their operations,” said Marc Belmont, Chief Technology Officer of Plate Recognizer.  “Our latest release includes a set of algorithms that detect the presence of a vehicle even when a number plate is not visible.  Parking management companies will now be able to accurately assess their parking utilization and needs.  Police will now be able to see vehicles arrive at a location even if the perpetrator removes or covers the license plate.”  

The enhanced Plate Recognizer Stream also features a number of improvements for more accurate and efficient plate recognition beyond its ability to process blurry, angled, dark, low resolution, and other difficult-to-read license plates. These include improved vehicle orientation, color accuracy, and improved engine accuracy for plate region classification. 

All new Plate Recognizer Stream installations will have these latest features, and existing users on subscription can easily opt-in to this new version.

About Plate Recognizer

Plate Recognizer™, a subsidiary of ParkPow, Inc. is a global leader in license plate recognition software. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) company uses advanced machine learning software to identify and decipher license plates automatically. Plate Recognizer serves customers in over 90 countries. ParkPow provides parking management and enforcement software.  

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