Keeps Web Hosting, Domain, and VPS Solutions Simple helps SMEs and large NGOs establish their online presence, optimize their IT systems, and meet their online goals.

In this day and age, it is not an option for a company to have a website. It is a necessity. It serves as a company’s foremost presence online. Sure, having online social media accounts across different platforms technically counts as an online presence. However, even if a company has thriving social media accounts, having a website lends credibility, legitimacy, and professionalism to a brand online. applies its vast depth of experience and years of expertise to work with businesses – from small midsize to enterprise companies in every industry sector – and assisting them with their IT needs.

From minor PC support issues to the design, installation, and maintenance of complex integrated systems, offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective solutions. Whether it is a quick and user-friendly hosting service to get a website online, secure and reliable domain, SSL, or network and infrastructure management, or full-stack cloud services, has all IT needs covered.

In addition to its state-of-the-art data center and high-end security, is also partnered with Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, VMware, Redhat, Dell, Symantec, and IBM among many other vendors, assuring businesses that they’re working with the most capable hands.

Hosting made simple has the right hosting plan to meet any budget. Whether a company is looking to get its website online or it needs comprehensive web hosting, offers secure e-commerce solutions no matter how complex the needs are.

The company offers four different hosting plans. It has the Basic Package, the Premium Package, and the Ultimate Package. With plans as low as US $5.99/month, assures that quality domain management, SSL administration, and website hosting are within reach for every business.

Companies on the Cloud

Thanks to its years of experience in the industry, understands the challenges that modern businesses face, which is why it offers full-stack services and a variety of products to meet the ever-growing demand of companies as they migrate their systems to the cloud.

The shift to cloud services itself marks improved convenience, collaboration, and cost-effectivity, but this is taken a step further with’s top-tier security and services. From bare metal to VPS or VDS, dedicated servers to colocation, and network infrastructure to storage, gives its clients complete control and flexibility with their systems. This puts their business – as well as their clients’ – at a distinct financial advantage in the selection, procurement, and scale of services needed.

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The LINK team is dedicated to helping SME companies and NGOs establish their online presence and meet their IT needs. offers a comprehensive range of solutions for any business from every sector; from web hosting, domain and SSL management, full-stack cloud services, security, applications, and network infrastructure, as well as IT support and installation.

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