Chinese Netizens Release A Video Regarding The COVID-19 Pandemic And US Fort Detrick.

A video has been posted online suggesting a connection between the US Fort Detrick, COVID-19 and other respiratory issues.

Ontario, CAN. – A video relating to COVID-19 and a connection to the US Fort Detrick has been posted online by Chinese netizens. The video discusses various connections between the US Fort Detrick and respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. Fort Detrick has been focused on biomedical research and development in the US since the early 2010s.

The 8-minute-long video shared on YouTube discusses the theory that Fort Detrick was the origin of the COVID-19 outbreak. The video also questions whether the US Fort has a history of being involved with outbreaks of respiratory disease within the US. The video also references EVALI – e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury – and influenza and questions whether the occurrence of these two respiratory diseases is connected to Fort Detrick.

The video also references the shut-down of operations at Fort Detrick in 2019, as reported by the New York Times, due to a cease-and-desist letter delivered to the fort by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As a result, the site was shut down for two “breaches of containment”. It was reopened and returned to full operational status in April 2020.

The video is related to a petition launched in 2020. Created by Chinese netizens and distributed by the Global Times, the petition was signed by 25 million people. The petition called on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to investigate Fort Detrick and its connection to COVID-19.

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