Prominence Traders profit over $250,000 using the SuperCloud™ Method

Prominence Traders use the SuperCloud Method to consistently create gains from trading the market.

What is Prominence Trading?

The investment consulting company is led by head trader and investor Evan S, who’s a licensed financial advisor who trades the markets and coaches his students to do so as well. Evan S. requested to keep his full last name out of the article for his company’s institutional and private clients protection (this is common).

A little background on Evan, he has traded the markets for over 5 years and specializes in stock options and currencies. Evan created what’s called the “SuperCloud™ Method” which allows him and his private clients to consistently take winning trades.

About the SuperCloud™, without giving too much away, Evan said that “The SuperCloud™ is a small set of tools and indicators that can be used to do a few things”

First, help traders identify price targets. Every trader must know where price will magnitze itself towards before entering a trade. If the price is too close, the risk is not worth the reward. If the price is too far, your asset is unlikely to reach. So Evan and the SuperCloud™ help you find what’s called “Fair Value”, thus making it easier for traders to spot big potential moves before they happen.

Second, Momentum. The SuperCloud™ gives traders a great edge on knowing when a stock or currency is ready to move. “If there is no momentum, there is no trade” says Evan. “Most traders have no idea when to enter a trade, so understanding when something is about to move is all they need to be successful sometimes.”

Third, a profit taking strategy. The majority of traders only ever think about one side of a trade… the entry, but the exit is just as vital, if not more important. Understanding when to exit and when to stay in is often the difference between a winning trader and a losing one. Or, the difference in doubling, tripling or quadrupling your returns. Having a strategy to identify when to take profits vs when to stay in can change course of any trading career

As explained by the creator and coach Evan S, Prominence Trading and the SuperCloud give it’s investors the ability to see the market direction, understand when to enter and easily determine when to stay in a trade or take profits.

“Trading is a skillset that many attempt and majority fail to succeed. Having a proven, tested and profitable strategy is the only difference between those who win and those who do not.” – Evan S.

Evan S, the SuperCloud™ and the results produced are genuine, which is rare in this space. As of this writing, Prominence Trading is still open to new traders.

We enjoyed meeting with Evan and getting to see what makes him and his methods successful.

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