James Matthias On Making Over $1M In Trading Stock Options At 25 Years Old

James Matthias the 25 year old trader turned over a million and a half dollars in the last six months trading stocks.

In a 25 minute phone interview James started by explaining what his day looked like as a full time trader, he stated, “I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is check my emails to see what stocks are surging the most. 

“For example, Tesla has been moving up recently and there have been several news stories about them accepting bitcoin. 

“Several news stories like this caused the price of Tesla to surge over 8% in one day which really paid off for me and my strategy.”

When asked how exactly he finds these news stories? James revealed that he is subscribed to an AI stock news scanner called Stock-shark which emails him each day with recent bullish news stories. “I just scan all the recent bullish news and I look for trades I can make with them,” Matthias said.

Turning $50,000 into a million in less than six months Trading options with Stock-Shark was a breakthrough for Matthias, Stockshark scours the market for recent news and inform James if a story he may be interested in, such as Tesla being worth over 600 billion, which causes the price of Tesla shares to surge 10% in one week.

After finding news like this James would place an option-trade on the stock based on what he believes it will do in the next few days, “I decided to spend $50,000 on 10 Tesla option contracts which were expiring in 3 weeks. 

I watched the Tesla stock very closely and soon enough the price started to rise above my original option price of $439, I immediately closed my position and made 215% (profits). From that moment on I knew i had a winning strategy. I repeated this process every week for the next 6 months and turned my $50,000 into a million and a half dollars.“

When asked about how he felt about turning $50,000 into over a million in less than 6 months? James said, “It’s unlike anything I have ever experienced before; it’s just an amazing feeling. I chose to spend my profits on vacations and some side businesses. With the lifestyle I have now, I’m very happy.”

How does this strategy work on all stocks? James explained ” I was able to use this trading strategy because I do alot of research, I watched for news that were extremely bullish and to my surprise, several opportunities like Tesla arisen just naturally.”

Is there anything you would have done differently during your transaction that you can tell us? “I am very happy with my results, I get to live the lifestyle I want just like everyone else. I just wish I started earlier!”

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