New Book by Author Jerry C. Blanton – A Book That Exposes the Truth Life is Built On

Jerry C. Blanton’s Bruised Purple Hearts is story that gets to the very heart of what it means to be alive, one page at a time. When a young man finds himself thrown into the cultural melting pot of sixties America he quickly realizes there is so much more to life than he ever imagined. Cultural shifts, racial prejudice, Vietnam and so much more all come together to send him on a path that will shape his view of the world. It’s a challenging and thought-provoking era to set a story in, which is why it’s one that surely deserves to be read.

“I have always been fascinated by this period in our nation’s history because of the way it seems to just reach out and grab your attention with both hands. The very idea of young men being forced to weigh up such era-defining topics without the benefit of hindsight really gets you thinking about where the truth in life lies. As so many from those times will attest, many sought comfort or enlightenment in psychedelics that seemed to open their eyes to new ways of viewing the world. But little did the main character in this book realize that he would soon be visited by spirits from a different time.”

It’s definitely an interesting way of framing a story; so what’s the takeaway message here?

“I want to tell a story that gets the reader thinking about what the world around them really means. This isn’t about any great moral lecture or historical rehashing; this is about setting you free to think in your own personal way. Why? Because that is what this generation of young people found themselves forced to do and it’s a way of thinking that can reshape your view of the world when you truly embrace it. It’s also a story about how you need to be careful for what you wish for because sometimes when you seek enlightenment and a clearer way of thinking you end up receiving a message that can shock you to the very core of who you are.”

And what’s next in the pipeline?

“I’m proud to have written more than thirty books over the years and I can safely say I’m a long way from running out of ideas! What I’d love to do is hear from readers of my latest work and ask them about the themes they connected with and what they meant to them. From there I can direct my next project so that it really adds enjoyment and pleasure to their lives.”

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