China’s Leading Fashion Brand Long Qingxiang Makes Statements with Chinese Aesthetics

On August 8, Long Qingxiang, a time-honored fashion brand founded in Beijing, presented a line of new designs in its Migration series for 2022. The show has been viewed over 10 million times online.

Based on recent global fashion trends, culture has become the biggest driving force for fashion consumption. With the rapid development of China’s economy, national cultural identity and cultural confidence have gotten stronger. “Chinese culture” has become a new fashion element influencing the world. The Migration series launched by Long Qingxiang proves China has a place in the international fashion industry.

With influence by The Classic of Mountains and Seas, the series integrates natural colors of China’s “four precious jades” which are Hetian jade, Xiuyu jade, Dushan jade and turquoise, and features embroidery patterns such as jade ganoderma, dragon, and phoenix. The whole series retains an alluring Asian style.

Long Qingxiang ‘s traditional customization pays close attention to every customer’s body shape and aesthetics. A suit, for example, takes 406 steps to make, with more than 10,000 stitches all hand-sewn by experienced craftsmen. The Migration series also introduces traditional royal Peking embroidery, reflecting a very high artistic level. 

Along with China’s growing spending power, the taste of the country’s middle class is no longer constrained by price, but by fashion and self-expression. Menswear by Long Qingxiang adopts neutral colors to reflect the composed character of Chinese urban elites. The neutral palette of women’s wear shows the confidence of Chinese women in the new era.

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