Near-Death Experiencer Chase Skylar DeMayo shares idyllic memories of meeting Jesus in Near Death Experience in new podcast

Leading NDE speaker Chase Skylar DeMayo has met Jesus in his NDE and was asked to spread joy, love and light in the world after being sent back to the earth.

ORLANDO, FL – August 16, 2021 – The concepts of God, after-life, heaven and their existence have long raised steaming debates across centuries. However, award-winning writer and Near-Death Experiencer Chase Skylar DeMayo is completely in affirmation of the existence of such divine presence, so much so that he has even been confirmed to have met Jesus Christ in his NDE. The Air Force veteran has recently shared about his awe-inspiring Near-Death Experience and the after-effects of such a profound experience in a brand new podcast hosted by renowned podcast host Jeff Mara. 

Chase was the 248th guest at the leading podcast show, JeffMara Podcast. The podcast just came out tonight on YouTube, and, interestingly, the video is already bustling with almost 5k views in less than a day of the launch. 

In the podcast with Jeff, Chase revealed that he died on April 1, 2008, while he was serving at the Air Force at the age of 19. He had passed out in his room and it was his colleagues who had rescued him and sent to the hospital. He said he has vivid memories of doctors and nurses trying hard to save him but being unable to with each attempt. And, amid all the chaos, he had a feeling that he was probably going to die. It was then that he felt a presence of a figure at his left. He didn’t know who he was but felt a kind of serenity and comfort in his presence. 

“I was 19 years old back then and I remember the whole feeling was extremely comforting. A calm presence at my left was stroking my left arm and saying assuring words, such as – ‘don’t worry; everything would be fine…”, stated Chase while describing the initial stage of his Near-Death experience. 

Speaking on, he said, he can recollect the moment when he saw the monitor getting flat-lined and the doctors and nurses declaring him dead. But, he didn’t feel any pain, rather everything around felt very peaceful, joyous and real good. He felt like his body was being lifted up and there was music all around. Suddenly, Chase found himself inside an ethereal garden before a divine figure whom he immediately recognized as Jesus.  

“I met Jesus after I died – he was nowhere similar to the pictures we have seen in churches or books but when I met him I immediately knew he was Christ. It was such a beautiful feeling meeting Him. He smiled at me and told me to live my life to the fullest and also to go back to the Earth to spread love, laughter, joy and light.” 

Over time, Chase realized he has developed a higher sense of intuition and certain abilities after such a profound experience. Following his NDE, Chase can predict what might happen to a certain person in the near future and also gets a feeling if someone has lost a loved one in the past. 

He wanted to help people with his new-found abilities but was apprehensive of judgment and retribution. However, in October 2020, after 12 years of his NDE, he attended a Veteran’s Mental Health Retreat which encouraged him to reopen his Near-Death Experiences and also offered an avenue for him to help fellow veterans and their supporters.  

Today, Chase Skylar DeMayo is one of the renowned figures in the NDE world and an esteemed speaker at the International Association of Near Death Studies. He also practices Alternative Medicine, energy healing to help people and spread his light.

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