Psychology Expert Olivia Gamber Launches 6-Figure Career Coaching Course

Olivia Gamber, the expert career coach, and entrepreneur has announced the launch of the Career Evolved program. The company, which shares a name with the program, has earned a reputation for delivering world-class career guidance. 

The launch of the program aims to give clients the guidance, motivation, and accountability necessary to land lucrative positions with salaries north of $100,000.

The program is led by Olivia Gamber, whose background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology gives her unique insights into the psychological obstacles that limit achievement. Gamber’s expertise has earned her a great deal of media coverage in prestigious publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, The Muse, and more.

The psychology expert has applied her knowledge to help over 16,000 ambitious individuals reach new heights in their careers. As she understands that each individual follows a different pathway to success, Gamber employs a highly personalized approach to career coaching. 

In contrast to traditional career coaching, Career Evolved focuses on the role of identity in obtaining high-paying employment. As most professionals competing for 6-figure positions are highly skilled, identity is often the difference between acceptance and rejection. 

In the 90-day course, clients are guided through a transformational process, in which they overhaul their mindset, self-image, strategy, and interview tactics. In addition, the program includes weekly coaching sessions, training, and membership in an exclusive community of high-achieving professionals.

The company is expected to continue its rapid growth and plans to expand its team of career guidance specialists within 5 years.

A satisfied customer said: “This program didn’t just help me find a job, it changed my life. I had to lean in and trust the process quite a bit. Career Evolved changed my approach to myself, my career, and my life. I am now making about 1.5X my original income.”

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