Leading Fintech company EasyFind Singapore unveils a loan-matching system to help consumers find the best personal loan offers

EasyFind Singapore ramps up efforts in providing the easiest way to get instant personal loan offers with low-interest rates, as well as helpful guides on how firms fare in terms of loan term offerings and competitive interest rates.

As more banks embrace Fintech innovations to meet changing consumer expectations in Singapore, leading Fintech loan-matching platform EasyFind Singapore has scaled up its efforts in providing instant loan offers to its users. 

“With the consumers’ demand for quick, safe, and reliable money lending offers, it’s vital that consumers can able to find the best lender in a matter of minutes for their financial needs. This is where EasyFind Singapore comes in,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

A personal loan is among banks’ and money lenders’ popular short-term financial products since borrowers commonly use it for personal needs.

It is also a flexible kind of loan offer since borrowers are freedom on where to use it.

Since banks and money lenders have varying interest rates, EasyFind Singapore said it makes all information handy to consumers and helps them find a personal loan with low-interest rates in Singapore.

“This information will help them compare personal loan offers against different types of interest rates,” the representative said. 

The company provides a helpful guide on choosing the best personal loan Singaporeans can count on, including information about interest rates and other top considerations, especially when borrowing from moneylenders.

EasyFind Singapore features an updated list of licensed money lenders every month and outlines the credible moneylenders available in Singapore. With a search function, it provides a quick result of an ideal lender.

Also, it outlines the requirements for Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners when applying for a personal loan. The amount granted may vary depending on the borrowers’ annual salary.

“If you’ve tried to apply for a loan from a bank and haven’t been successful, you can try getting a personal loan from a licensed moneylender in Singapore,” the representative said.

EasyFind Singapore stressed that the Ministry of Law has a list of all licensed moneylenders. They have undergone strict scrutiny to ensure they are legitimate and they follow all the required guidelines.

In the event that a consumer is not qualified for a personal loan from banks, EasyFind Singapore provide additional information on how they can apply for a fast cash loan. 

Borrowers may also start their journey for getting quick loan offers by applying through EasyFind’s online form. 

Consumers can learn more about EasyFind Singapore by visiting its website. Its page also features premium financial products in Singapore and valuable information, including buying guides, tips, and top listings such as its updated list of licensed money lenders in Singapore to help consumers create better decisions. 

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