Sam Lex’s “Let’s Go” Is The Song Everyone Needs On A Summer Soundtrack

Sam Lex's "Let's Go" Is The Song Everyone Needs On A Summer Soundtrack

There are certain songs that capture the heart of the summer season. Every year when summer is at its peak, people can play these songs and they fit the vibe perfectly. Sam Lex was able to create that song of the summer feeling with his hit single “Let’s Go”. This song has a feel-good vibe and it will have everyone tapping their feet by the end.

The story behind this summer hit

Sam Lex is a 24 year old music artist who is originally from Orlando Florida. He has always taken his music seriously and can turn nearly any story into a catchy song. When his mom suggested they take a trip and move to California, Sam did what he did best. Wrote a hit song about the experience. 

Not only is “Let Go” a catchy song but there is also a very sweet story behind it that Sam Lex shows in the music video. This song tells the story of a mother and son going on a journey together. It captures their relationship together and shows how much they enjoy spending those little moments together. 

There’s no relationship quite like a mother and her son, and the feel-good video for “Let’s Go” reminds everyone of that. “Let’s Go” is that song that will make everyone want to go on a road trip with their mothers.

The music of Sam Lex

Over the years, Sam Lex has written and produced several songs that are available on his YouTube channel. Sam has never settled on fitting into one box. He loves many different genres of music and pulls influences from all his favorite songs. His playlist has an assortment of music, from hip hop artists like Mac Miller to alternative bands like Linkin Park. Nothing is off limits for Sam Lex.

While Sam appreciates many different genres of music, nothing compares to those hit summer songs from the early 2000s. They changed the way Sam sees music and he plans to continue representing that style in many of his future tracks. He always takes his music seriously, but he does like to have fun with it. 

Music fans who miss the style of early 2000s summer bops will appreciate “Let’s Go” by Sam Lex. They can view his music video on YouTube at

Music fans can also find him on Instagram at

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