Kayolab introduces a unique Triple Acid System formula to fight breakouts of adult acne

Kayolab, a wellness laboratory known for its acid-based skincare products, today has launched a product line powered by the unique Triple Acid System® formula. This new formula was developed to address the widespread epidemic of adult acne and the lack of anti-acne products designed for mature skin.

According to a Kayolab survey, acne breakouts are an extremely common issue for adults, with 91% of respondents suffering from this condition. 

Acne is not the only skin problem for adults, though. 78% of respondents noted having clogged pores, 72% want to improve their skin texture, and 67% wish to hide the dark spots on their skin. 37% of people even mentioned that they had gotten 3–4 new pimples over the past week, which again shows the frequency of skin breakouts among adults and the necessity of proper skincare products.

That’s why the initial goal for Kayolab was to address that issue and create an effective solution that wouldn’t be as harsh as anti-acne products for teenagers.

In comparison, research shows that adult acne tends to emerge around the chin and jawline, while teenagers tend to get acne on the forehead, nose, and chin. Teenagers also have naturally oilier skin. 

With time, the skin gets more sensitive, too. Half of the users surveyed confirmed that their skin got more easily irritated as they aged.

For this reason, Kayolab has created a cleanser, moisturizer, and toner with Triple Acid System® formula to combat all these issues with high-quality ingredients, even when the skin is sensitive and mature. 

“Your skin only needs several high-quality ingredients to reduce breakouts, redness, inflammation, and even out your skin tone. This is what Kayolab is all about – essentials and minimal formulas with high concentration ingredients to give you the skin of your dreams.” – said Briana Johnson, beauty and skincare expert.

Kayolab Triple Acid System® formula contains high concentration glycolic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and squalane.  

The main ingredients in the product line are glycolic acid and lactic acid. While glycolic acid works in deeper layers, lactic acid treats the surface, exfoliating the skin and tackling uneven complexion. 

High concentration glycolic acid has the smallest molecular weight making it easy to penetrate the skin and effectively clean it from the inside, reducing and preventing breakouts. Glycolic acid is a dermatologically level ingredient and is highly trusted by field experts.

Lactic acid doesn’t sink into the skin and remains on the surface to treat it from the outside, smoothing out the skin texture and unclogging the pores. 

Another important ingredient is hyaluronic acid. It’s an intensive skin moisturizer and an absolute key for having healthy-looking, inflammation-free, and redness-free skin. 

Finally, the formula is completed with squalane which is a natural antioxidant. Squalane protects the skin from environmental damage and improves it at the cellular level. The final result is reduced swelling and redness.

All in all, this minimalistic formula of the essential anti-acne ingredients in Kayolab products, creates a 360° skincare routine that treats the surface and deeper layers of the skin. This type of treatment effectively fights adult acne without harming mature skin.

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