CSS Pain Relief Inc Introduces Continuous Glucose Monitor with Freestyle Abbott Sensors to Monitor Glucose Levels in Real Time

CSS Pain Relief Inc Introduces Continuous Glucose Monitor with Freestyle Abbott Sensors to Monitor Glucose Levels in Real Time
Presenting a pain-free and easy way for diabetic patients to monitor glucose levels in real-time

CSS Pain Relief introduces a more accurate and safe way to monitor the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. The Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) is a device that continuously tracks their glucose levels throughout the day. Equipped with Freestyle Abbott Sensors, the CGM works with a user’s phone and can be used to get real-time glucose monitoring and alerts. This helps the user to quickly know if their glucose gets to a level that requires immediate action.

According to a study conducted in 2018, 34.2 million people in the US of all ages or 10% of the US population had diabetes. 34.1 million adults aged 18 years or older or 13.0% of all US adults also had diabetes. This means that this number of people have to consistently use the conventional, painful and complicated method of drawing blood to check glucose levels. It can become a drag especially because it has to be done regularly. The CGM changes all that. It presents a simple and painless way to not only monitor glucose levels all day long but also store the information for future references.

The CGM blood glucose monitor works by a small sensor that is inserted under a patient’s skin, normally on the arm or belly. Unlike other glucose testing devices, the Abbot Freestyle CGMemploys modern sensor-based technology that eliminates the process of drawing blood to check glucose levels. It thus results in a faster testing process that is convenient and pain-free. This sensor continuously measures interstitial glucose levels during the day and at night also. The device checks a patient’s glucose level after every few minutes and the results are wirelessly sent to the monitor. The sensor can also relay real-time information to a receiver, allowing the user to easily and conveniently monitor the results.

Designed for daily use, the CGM device matches everyone’s lifestyle. It is a water-resistant device with two alert schedules and an auto applicator. Users can wear the sensor while exercising, swimming, showering or carrying out other water-related activities. The alert schedules ensure that users stay on track with updates and make the insertion of the sensor easier.  The CGM device can also be interfaced with the receiver of smartphones, thus ensuring easier reading of results. 

The device is secured with an adhesive pad. The adhesive secures the sensors safely when users go into the water or exercise. Asides from allowing users to monitor results, the receivers can also record and save sugar levels. These results can therefore by stored in the cloud and users can sync their data continuously. This is an advantage for both patients and doctors and patient can keep track of sugar levels and be alerted before anything goes wrong and with the data stored on smartphones, doctors can monitor levels closely.

The sensor which is disposable has a limited lifespan of 10 days after the first wear. This means that sugar level readings will only be accurate for that span of time and the sensor should be disposed of after the period. By using different body locations each time, patients can avoid skin irritation.

It has become extremely important for diabetic patients to check glucose levels as regularly as once daily for type 2 patients. Monitoring the levels helps to control extreme situations. Patients will also be able to see what makes their numbers go up or down, such as eating different foods, taking medications or being physically active. Insulin dosages also largely depend on these factors and it can get tricky without the proper information. This makes tracking monitors important for accurate results. With CSS Pain Relief CGM devices that produce data, patients can know the right dosage to be administered.

Health Insurance covers the CGM device therefore patients with insurance can have easy access to them. 

About CSS Pain Relief Inc

CSS Pain Relief is a US medical supplies company owned by Donald Jani. Asides from Medicare-covered Diabetic Supplies and glucose monitors, CSS Pain Relief also provides patients with different braces for different body pains such as back pains, knees, wrist, ankle, elbow, and shoulders pain. These braces help users through accidents or joint pains, especially arthritis. CSS Pain Relief also provides CGM’s Braces, Catheters, and UV wands for Psoriasis and diabetic supplies. The company also works with many insurance coverage providers to ensure that clients get the best and cheapest diabetes supplies. CSS also partners with Medicare to ensure that their program’s beneficiaries get the best from their services.

For more information on CGM and CSS Pain Relief, visit their website – https://mypainpro.com.

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