New Manufacturing Entertainment Division of the Manufacturing Media Consortium Looks at Artificial Intelligence with Post Modern Entertainment Founder Jacob Kyle Young

New Manufacturing Entertainment Division of the Manufacturing Media Consortium Looks at Artificial Intelligence with Post Modern Entertainment Founder Jacob Kyle Young

The Manufacturing Media Consortium and its founder, TR Cutler set up a new division examining the role of manufacturing and technology in the entertainment industry. Cutler recently interviewed Jacob Kyle Young actor and founder of Post Modern Entertainment. Read the full interview in AutomationMedia magazine here.

Cutler and Young discussed how is Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the entertainment industry today. According to Young, like stocks, past performance on any given project in the entertainment industry is not a guarantee of future earnings. Through automation and AI advancements in manufacturing, the entertainment industry has found ways to streamline the processes involved in pre-production such as casting actors through a digital platform like Actors Access or LAcasting.

These tools use Machine Learning algorithms to consider actors’ social media metrics with target audiences. Actors with large social media followings are cast in roles to ensure audiences to promote feature productions. It is not a substitute for talent, but no longer are large studios pushing the publicity, that has been relegated to actors and social media influencers. 

Young shared, “Netflix, for example, is using AI to determine what audiences see on streaming services. Monitoring viewership patterns, curated content is put before audiences that will appeal to them most based on prior viewership behavior. This is social science and data-driven learning patterns that dictate the themes, topics, actors, and velocity of entertainment content. AI culls this information guiding future content which then enters post-production.”

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Thomas R. Cutler is celebrating the 23-year anniversary of the Manufacturing Media Consortium, a group of editors, journalists, freelancers, economists, addressing the industrial sector. Cutler and his team work to track the industrial sector trends which includes manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, robotics, technology, Industry 4.0, IIoT, and much more.

Cutler has launched three new areas of concentration: the power of Gen Z on the industrial sector; the dynamic impact of the African continent as a growing force in manufacturing; and Manufacturers Serving the Entertainment Industry to highlight and profile the leaders and innovators in the film, television, and theater communities

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