Introducing Mumli: A New App Just for Moms

Revolutionising the Way Women Experience Motherhood. Created by moms, for moms, it’s a one-stop-shop to save, collect, organize and share all mom information.

Mumli, a first-of-its-kind social sharing app, launches this month, giving moms across Australia and the United States some much needed relief from the chaos of parenting.

Touted as ‘the simplest solution for the toughest job in the world’, it offers a streamlined interface where moms can collect, organise, save and share all the ‘open tabs’ in their mom brain in one convenient place (and free up some much needed space for more important things like fantasy-planning a solo weekend away).

Founder Melanie Corlett, a Sydney-based mom and entrepreneur, says, “When you’re not feeding, changing diapers or running after a toddler tornado with enough energy to power a small town, you’re scouring the internet and interrogating your friends for answers and advice. But how on earth are you meant to cut through the clutter and keep track of it all?”

Free to join, Mumli allows moms to:

Put an end to information overload by uploading and organizing their existing ‘filing system’ of browser tabs, screenshots, hastily written notes, and recommendations long lost in epic message threads.

Access the ultimate library of expertly curated resources, thoughtfully picked for them, at their current stage of motherhood, and discover what other moms are loving.

Ditch the disconnected forums and judgy vibes, and find conversations that are relevant to them so they can get the advice they want, when they actually need it.
Curate their own motherhood manual all in one place, finally putting an end to 3am panic-Googling.

“Parenting in 2021 is the toughest job in the world. Moms are the ultimate CEO, and every CEO needs a great personal assistant. That’s exactly what Mumli is,” continues Melanie.

“So while moms are busy looking out for everyone but themselves, Mumli is here to look after moms. Our mission is to share and support the full spectrum of motherhood – the good, the bad, the tired, and the really tired. It’s never not going to be a sh*tshow, but it can be a sorted sh*tshow, and that can make all the difference.”

Ahead of its ‘invite-only’ beta launch at the end of September, moms can join the thousands of other women currently on the waitlist (for free!) and reserve their username at Those who sign up will automatically be entered into a draw to win their choice of a Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet or Bugaboo Fox stroller.

Moms can also follow Mumli on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – where the team is sharing the most laugh-out-loud, relatable, and touching takes on motherhood from across the globe (to enjoy while hiding from the kids in the bathroom, of course).

Mumli is a first-of-its-kind social sharing app that allows moms to collect, organise, save and share all the information, ideas and more that come with motherhood. Launching in September 2021, it is available to download for free via the Apple App and Google Play stores, globally.

Visit, or follow on Instagram, Facebook.

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