Richard L. Burns top-rated book “Live or Die A Stroke of Good Luck” offers practical advice for victims of any serious illness and their families

Author Richard L. Burns showcases the wise and witty story of his long and slow recovery and resurrection after being struck down with a stroke and was declared dead at the age of 38. He provides lots of wonderful advice to those battling the same challenges that hit him.

Author Richard L. Burns’ critically acclaimed book, “Live or Die A Stroke of Good Luck,” brings an honest memoir that takes readers into an inspirational and optimistic account of how Burns waded through the challenges of suffering from a massive stroke. 

Struck down with a cerebral hemorrhage and declared dead at age 38, Burns regained consciousness and life. The book presents a wise and witty story of his long and slow recovery and resurrection.  

Burns writes, “It is a story of hope and practical advice for victims of any serious illness and their families. It is also about what I learned from the ordeal and how my life and values changed for the better with each step of my recovery. 

The book not only delves into Burns’ physical journey to recovery but also significantly tackles his mental journey as well. 

In a review on Amazon, Terry said she could not even describe how much the book touched her.

“I loved every minute. I have been struggling with a brain injury, and this is just what I needed to read right now. I love the outlook and wisdom this man gained and shared. He has a very courageous and loveable character,” Terry wrote. 

Meanwhile, JerBear, a stroke survivor himself, said he could relate to what Burns went through in his ordeal. 

“The process never ends. We all share a unique bond in that we have shared similar experiences and have survived to go on to recover as best we could. The desire and determination go on,” he shared.

Sal Valdez, who came across the book entirely by accident, said the piece caught his attention as he also suffered a stroke some years ago. 

Sal says, “I purchased the book and was glad I did. It was what I needed. It’s full of inspirational stories of the gift of life and how in spite of setbacks, we can continue to live a purposeful life full of love and meaning.” 

Burns’ impressive book has also resonated with Beth Elling, who wrote in her review that she could “totally relate to his descriptions.”

“It felt good to hear someone else relating to what I was feeling during my stroke. I always thought I was either imagining or ‘blowing out of portion’ things that happened to me, but his book showed me that what I thought or felt really did happen,” Beth shared.

Burns is a retired television and advertising Mad Man. He developed and initiated the first nationwide system of local sales and advertising for national companies in radio and television. 

Burns created and implemented a fact-based and mathematical format for electronic and print advertising while a management consultant. 

He was most recently responsible for the mandated rescue of companion and livestock animals in all national disaster operations.  

Burns has also planned and initiated several philanthropic and operating foundations. He is listed in Who’s Who and is a recipient of numerous community and professional awards.  

Those who want to grab a copy of “Live or Die A Stroke of Good Luck” can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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