Author Richard L. Burns talks about personal growth and surviving traumatic injuries in his top-rated book, “Live or Die: Act II”

Author Richard L. Burns leads the charge in helping how people can emerge stronger than ever when faced with trauma as he shares valuable insights from his own experience of suffering a massive stroke at the age of 38.

Author Richard L. Burns shares valuable insights on coping with trauma in his impressive book, “Live or Die: Act II,” now available in leading digital stores globally. 

“This book is written for you. It’s a story that is your story. It is a wise and witty story of 20-plus years of work with medical professionals, hospitals, and survivors of critical illnesses around the country,” Richard writes. 

The book serves as a story of hope and practical advice for victims and survivors of any serious illness and their families. Richard says it is also about life and values that grew with each step he took to help heal others.

Burns is a retired television and advertising executive with over 40 years of experience in management, sales, and promotion for television, advertising, and public relations. 

Recognized nationally for his expertise in retail marketing through television advertising, he played an instrumental role in developing some of the most memorable advertising campaigns and cultural icons, including The Fruit of the Loom characters and the smile on the PSA airplane.

Burns was struck down with a Cerebral Hemorrhage and declared dead at age 38. 

However, he amazed the medical people by regaining consciousness and eventually a life.

During his recovery, Burns has learned how to look at the positive side of things and saw a huge opportunity to learn something from his adversity. 

Burns made it his mission to help those who faced similar situations like him, helping them realize that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. 

He now leads the way in helping those who have experienced trauma and are seeking various ways to move forward. 

Burns has received numerous community and professional awards and has received recognition from the American Biographical Institute of Community and State Service, International Community Service, and Cerebral Palsy Humanitarian Service. 

An active member of his community, he has been an officer and board member of various business and community organizations, including the Commonwealth Club, American Humane Association, Stanford University, the Jaycees, and Boy Scouts of America. 

The book is a roadmap to recovery and is a follow-up to his first book. Thus, the title, Live or Die: Act II. 

Those who want to grab a copy of “Live or Die: Act II” can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.

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