Icelandic artist Kahnin releases his latest single, “We Go Up!”

Rising Icelandic artist Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson, who goes by the name Kahnin, continues to make waves in the music industry with the release of his newest single, “We Go Up!”

Up-and-coming Icelandic singer-songwriter Kahnin has released his latest single, “We Go Up!” and is out to make headway in the global charts. 

The rising star has already posted the official cover art on his Instagram page, with many of his fans sending support and love for his newest offer. 

Kahnin, whose real name is Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson, posted on Instagram: “Love yourself. Go up, not down,” as part of a series of art covers to promote the song.  

“The single aims to remind listeners to go forward and keep going. It’s about finding the rhythm and setting your pace,” shares Kahnin.

Amid new challenges posed by the pandemic, Kahnin has led the charge in bringing music that seeks to help people across the world stay on track. 

As an artist, Kahnin has set his eyes on redefining music standards by stepping away from what is comfortable and experimenting with the colours of music.

“It’s about bringing something new to the table while staying true to my sound,” says Kahnin.

Kahnin himself has been keeping busy writing and recording songs during the lockdown. 

One of the top-rated songs he released is “Sunday is Driving”, an ethereal pop song with a beautiful and very catchy chorus. 

The song brings listeners back to a late 80’s sound, blended with Kahnin’s soft velvet vocals. 

Kahnin produced/plays all the instruments on this single and acquired Grammy winner Philip Larsen (Katy Perry, B52’s, OMD, Kylie Minogue) for the mix and additional production. 

His latest single, “We Go Up!”, is now available in leading audio streaming and media services providers, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, TikTok, YouTube, Amazon Music, and more. 

Kahnin is a term used in Iceland that means the American. The singer currently has about 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Those who want to learn more about Kahnin may visit his website for more information.

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