Dirrelo New ID206 Smartwatch Review: Best Budget Android Smartwatch 2021

The ID206 is a powerful smartwatch, that offers the latest technology in an affordable package, is the second product of Dirrelo, from the appearance and material of the product, They make lots of improvements. This product has a holding team make service for the product.

ID206 has all functions that you want, health aspects include Heart rate/Blood Oxygen/Sleep/Stress monitoring, female health reminder function.

Aside from that has lots function, after connecting the phone to the watch via Bluetooth, that will vibrate to remind incoming calls, receive and read important SMS messages, and information of SNS.

Dirrelo ID206: Price and Competition

Dirrelo makes fashionable smartwatches for people who care about their health. As we know, Apple is the most famous brand in sports smartwatches, but it is very expensive. The Apple Watch Series 6 is part of Apple’s latest generation of smartwatches, featuring an always-on display, the S6 chip, an always-on altimeter, and blood oxygen monitoring, at a price of $399.

That said – if you’re looking for an affordable smartwatch, ID206 might be the only option, which its price is only $49.99.

Dirrelo ID206: design and screen

ID206’s design feels more heavily influenced by the Apple Watch.

They all have a Square shape. ID206 has not had a metal cover on the bottom of the watch, While you’re not getting an apple watch, you’re definitely getting a watch that feels a little lighter than the apple watch that also has lots of functions.

There’s a nicely sized 1.69-inch watch case that comes in Aluminum alloy with a matte-style finish.

That’s partnered up with a 23mm silicone rubber watch band that is removable via a simple pin mechanism at the back.

We had a black band and there’s also optional replace wristbands accessory colorful bands available here too for$13.98 if you want something bolder on your wrist. As a package, it carries with 5ATM waterproof standard, which does make it suitable for pool swimming and showering. It weighs 42g, which doesn’t make this a heavy watch to wear and certainly doesn’t weigh heavy either.

Includes one physical button on the right side of the case, Set your personal pic to customize the watchface. You can use Alexa to get access to news and information via voice commands, easily view the weather, control smart home devices and perform a host of other operations just using your voice.

You’re getting a 1.69inch, 240 x 280 resolution display, for the price, it’s good quality.

Dirrelo ID206: Smartwatch Specs

1. Android compatible with iOS

2. 1.69inch Touch screen

3. 300.00 watts On-mode power consumption

4. 2″ / 5 cm Visible screen diagonal

5. 5ATM waterproof standard

6. 10.3*2.35*0.56inch

7. GPS

8. SpO2

Dirrelo ID206: Fitness and health tracking

Dirrelo- a brand that focuses on smart watch, our brand concept is: To provide consumers with a more convenient and healthy life.

In our daily life, the watch we used is only for time checking, Now we can see more and more different brand smartwatch coming out. Why it becomes popular?

1. 14+ Sports Modes Fitness Tracker


Tracks Multi exercises up to 14 sports: Walking, running, bicycle, Hike, Mountaineering, Dynamic cycling, fitness, treadmill, Yoga, Swimming with 5ATM waterproof standard, etc.

You can also see duration & pace & distance & burned calories & heart rate during exercise. You can also activate GPS tracking on your phone and track routes you have traveled.(Watch has no built-in GPS).

2. All-Day Heart Rate Monitor


Adopted advanced heart rate sensor, It can monitor your heart rate automatically every 5 minutes all day. You can manually track your real-time heart rate on the watch.

You can also intuitively check the Day/Week/Month/Year data graph and rest/average/max heart rate data in the VeryFitPro app.

3. Monitor Blood Oxygen (SpO2) level


The blood oxygen sensing function of the watch can clearly view its own blood oxygen saturation. SpO2 blood oxygen saturation refers to the concentration of oxygen in the human blood. For example, some people may feel discomfort at high altitudes or higher mountains. It may be caused by decreased blood oxygen saturation. Paying attention to the changes in SpO2 can help you better understand your physical condition in different states and help you establish reasonable training goals.

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