Lumiere Rouge’s revolutionary PBM light therapy and radio frequency skincare technology has skin looking like a million dollars in no time, regardless of age.

Who needs makes up. Get flawless, lifted skin instead.

The leading expert in all things skincare, skin health and wellbeing, has disrupted the beauty industry with it’s advanced clinical skincare product that’s more than worthy of having the front seat in your skincare cabinet.

Unlike many of their peers in the beauty and wellness space, Lumiere Rouge isn’t looking to create hype around the next “it” ingredient or treatment, instead they say – “we simply want to get our customers skin into the best shape of it’s life”. The ground-breaking device rejuvenates and regenerates skin at a cellular level by targeting aging and damaged skin cells and treats common skin concerns from wrinkles, loose skin, acne to hyperpigmentation.

As one of the biggest breakthrough discoveries in health in the last half century, developed from 30 years of research and backed by scientific bodies, the Lumiere Rouge is regarded as a serious contender in the burgeoning skin-tech beauty sector, it promises to rejuvenate and treat your skin’s problems, and they live up to their word.

Lumiere Rouge explains “just as human cells need nutrients from food, light is also a necessary nutrient for our skin cells to function well.” But not all light impacts our skin the same, Lumiere Rouge’s high grade PBM Certified light technology is NON-UV and specifically designed for wavelengths between 630nm-680nm and 800-880nm which have proven benefits as these specific wavelengths are “bioactive” in humans – meaning, they literally effect the functioning of our cells, using a process called Photobiomodulation (PBM). These very specific lights have a profound impact on our health and act as necessary nutrients for our skin cells, similar to nutrients from food.

Lumiere Rouge is not one for doing things by halves – Working closely with a team of Dermatologists and Skin Experts, the company has developed a truly remarkable device that harnesses the healthy power of the sun formed of specific wavelengths, combined with RMC technology (Radio frequency and micro currents) to deliver truly undeniable, visible results. Their customer’s skin transformations have been unquestionable and internationally celebrated. Over 20,000 customers and counting trust the company with their skin care concerns and their customers love them for it – “the texture of my skin feels firm yet soft and I look a lot brighter which is saying something” says customer – Deborah Parkins a 42 year old mother of three from LA.

The device is designed to stimulate both collagen and elastin production which is responsible for keeping our skin looking youthful and avoiding that sagging “schnauzer” look around the neck and jowls. It also helps eradicate lines and wrinkles, as well as the appearance of scars, surface varicose veins, melasma/hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne and cellulite. Lumiere Rouge is recognised as a safe, natural and welcome alternative to clinical injections and cosmetic surgeries for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and acne concerns.

Typically one would spend anywhere between $5,000-$10,000 on a medical device or pay $75-300 per treatment when visiting a clinic, to get similar benefits. A spokesperson from the company says that, the entire teams mission at Lumiere Rouge is to “ Bring clinical skincare to your home, because we believe that everyone deserves to have great skin and should not to have to feel insecure in their own skin or be held back because of it. We want to empower our customers to quite literally have the future of their skin & well-being in the palm of their hands”.

Our vision is to merge innovative skin science with true luxury ingredients to help you transform your skin regardless of your age, skin conditions, skin type or gender. “This is the reason we established Lumiere Rouge” says the company’s CEO, “To solve more of the skin’s problems within a single product, that is based on truth and irrefutable science developed by a team of board certified Dermatologists and Skin Experts rather than chasing the next big thing in the beauty industry”. The company understands that it’s customers have real skin concerns that can lead to self-consciousness and in more serious cases even affects their lives and therefore “wanted to bring proven clinical science to an industry which is mostly run off fads and beauty hacks.”

Whether you’re young and interested in preventative skincare, or someone older who’d love some help correcting sun damage, age lines, decolletage or eye bags, join the community of over 20,000 users who swear by their Lumiere Rouge device, and put the future of your skin confidently in your hands each day.

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