AEX Obtained USA MSB License Guarantee People Asset

According to the latest news, AEX has obtained the USA MSB license. USA MSB (short for Money Services Business) license is a finance license supervised and issued by FinCen, belonging to the registration licensing system. MSB is obliged to monitor VIP enterprises and professionals, safeguarding benefits for markets and investors.

AEX will expand finance business under compliance supervision, guaranteeing users’ asset safety, with having more free choices to allocate assets!(

Insist prospect currency strategy, respectable revenue for users. AEX never happens serious system and asset accidents, which represent that we not only possess a complete technology, but also benefit from AEX quality control for cryptocurrencies. As the projects with a mass of users make a quick exit or the value of cryptocurrency goes to zero, which would cause a wide and fatal consequence, that is why AEX has only less than 300 issued currency. AEX first introduced DOGE, Ripple, BTC, NEM, Stellar, etc, with some rising over million times.

With the development of blockchain technology and the maturity of cryptocurrency industry, more and more people will start their spot trading travel. AEX also hope that users implement safe investment and stable value-added in spot trading.AEX Finance is the bank model of saving money for interest   in the digital world, providing a current-fixed revenue strategy.

Founded in 2013, AEX has upgraded trading matchmaking into a digital asset commercial bank in perfect harmony with trading, saving, loan, and investment, providing users with safe, reliable, and stable finance derivative service. Advocating safe investment and stable asset appreciation, AEX has become a reliable trading and value-added exchange for users around the world.

AEX,Your Best Asset Guardian!Welcome to collaborate with us!

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