Author Jeanne Ann Off takes readers into an inspiring adventure filled with friendship and faith in her book, “From Homeless to Heaven”

Jeanne brings a Christian-themed book that delves into the journey of how a formerly homeless man — who didn’t have room for any religion in his life — turned into a more faith-centered family man in the course of his work on a cattle ranch.

Author Jeanne Ann Off takes readers into a small-town adventure that’s packed with friendship, animals, and faith in her book, “From Homeless to Heaven,” now available in leading digital stores globally. 

The book revolves around a formerly homeless man, Alan, who chooses to work on a ranch rather than live in a homeless shelter. 

He decides to work for Cody, a religious man, on a ranch in Colorado. 

Usually, Cody had to do ranch work alone in the winter. However, he had a standing order with an employment agency for an employee. 

One winter, he was surprised to get a call saying a man would be on the bus that evening. 

Alan told Cody that he wanted a job and a warm place to sleep instead of living outdoors as a homeless man. Alan had refused to stay in any mission shelter because of life experiences involving religion. He does enjoy ranch work. 

Alan and Cody’s relationship is challenged by adversities — both natural and man-made — throughout the book.

In the spring, Cody and Alan are checking cows and the calves born that spring when a bullet hits Alan. Later a bullet from the same rifle kills Cody’s best horse. 

In all these things, Cody has exemplified doing the right thing, which is often the most difficult thing to do. 

On her inspiration in writing the top-rated book, Jeanne said she grew up in a cattle ranch where his father hired homeless men, with two or three eventually becoming special friends who would come by every spring and leave during fall. 

“When I was writing the book, I included some of the information about them as a beautiful tribute to their friendship,” says Jeanne.

A huge portion of Jeanne’s impressive story is watching Alan turn from an angry, formerly homeless man into a more faith-centered family man.

Jeanne brings an inspiring message of the Gospel — that Christ suffered and died to atone for sins and that no one – regardless of the bad things they’ve done in life – is entirely out of God’s reach. 

Those who want to grab a copy of “From Homeless to Heaven” can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.

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Jeanne has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University and a Bible College degree from Faith Bible Institute. 

She also took a writing course from the Institute of Children’s Literature. 

Jeanne is married to her wonderful husband, Don Off. Both of them grew up on Western Colorado cattle ranches.

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