Create stunning smoke effects with professional smoke bombs from Shutter Bombs offers cinema grade colored smoke bombs to take your images, celebrations, and training to a whole new level.

It’s pretty clear by now… Shutter Bomb’s are America’s favorite smoke bombs. Since 2017, they’ve shipped out over 125,000 smoke bombs to over 30,000 customers across the United States. Unlike most businesses, they have a wide variety of markets they sell to, including: Photographers, videographers, military personnel for combat training/simulations, search and rescue, celebrations, weddings, gender reveals, fire departments, k-9 training, sky-diving, events and special effects. 

For many photographers, using smoke bombs in photography is a great way to add an extra element to their images. Shutter Bombs is one of the most well-known online stores that offer various smoke bombs for all types of photographic applications. With colors like black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow available on hand at any time – the company ensures their customers get what they need for their next shoot.

The website features how-to videos and tutorials and an FAQ section that answer questions about pricing and shipping times. They provide great smoke bomb photography tips via their blog and have a great FAQ section as well.

Is It Safe To Use Smoke Bombs?

Absolutely! They’re legal in all 50 states. It’s always recommended to wear safety gloves, but smoke bombs have been used by photographers for close to 5 years. Like anything else, use common sense when using smoke bombs. For example, if you’re in a high risk zone for fires, it’s probably best not to use them. The smoke itself is classified as non-toxic and the smoke bomb canister is bio-degradable. 

Why Choose Shutter Bombs?

First and foremost, they have the best prices out of any smoke distributor online. Their customer support runs 24/7 (it’s true, I reached out with a question and they responded the same day). They also ship their products legally through hazmat shipping (which can be costly).

Shutter Bombs is one of the stores that keep their product updated and regularly add new products. They are by far the best smoke bombs for photographers. With smoke lasting for 90 seconds, it allows you to capture the perfect shot! Their bombs come in different colors and sizes. Aside from the 9-color original smoke bombs, they also sell professional smoke bombs used by Hollywood experts, The Big Daddy (legally the highest output of smoke you can sell) and dual vents (smoke comes out of both sides). You get the best pricing when buying through their packs, like the Rainbow pack which is sold in a package of 7, 14, and 21, each having a different color.

In addition to this, they have been the leading supplier for discrete labeled gender reveal smoke bombs to celebrate newborn; blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Their smoke grenades have also passed strict government tests in the USA and all products are safe for consumers to use.

“Vivid colors and thickest smoke! First of all, the colors are amazing (I ordered Red, White and blue) truly vivid colors and the smoke is so thick and on a windless day, the smoke makes for a great time to take pictures that reflect a foggy atmosphere. Amazing product and can’t wait to get me some more smoke bombs.” – Joe B. from Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a way to create spectacular images for your wedding. Look no further! Shutter Bombs provide the best smoke bombs for wedding photos.

To learn more about Shutter Bombs all of their products and services, please visit their website and/or check out their FAQ page.

About Shutter Bombs

Shutter Bombs provides professional smoke bombs. colored smoke bombs. Their products have gone through various tests to ensure each product’s color is consistent and adheres to US government standards. In addition, they offer a replacement guarantee should you receive products with inconsistent colors, although this rarely happens because they use high-quality raw materials in their production line. Perfect for photographers, videographers, military personnel for combat training/simulations, search and rescue, celebrations, weddings, gender reveals, fire departments, k-9 training, sky-diving, events and special effects.  

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