DiDimessage: Structure a Global Blockchain Base, Build a Future Digital Ecosystem

In the era of big data, the data is so massive that it has exceeded people’s cognition.And big data processing, data security, data trust and data commercialization are all facing new challenges. With the gradual deepening of the information revolution, the potential of blockchain technology to lead the Internet secondary revolution is gathering momentum.

From the birth of Bitcoin, with the technology advantages, like decentralization, trust machine, and other key technologies, blockchain has expanded applicationsconstantly in digital currency, smart contract, encryption social networking and other fields. Now it has emerged at big data integration, cloud computing, blockchain games, NFT and otherfields. In the future, it will penetrate into people’s daily life. Blockchain technology will become the common consensus in the future digital economy era of infrastructure construction in the world.

In the process of technological change with blockchain as the core, DiDi, as the global layout of blockchain application platform, will assume the role of leading practitioners, develop blockchain technology for commercial social infrastructure, create a new ecological model of digital economy, and finally realize the brand vision of a new life of the digital economy.

Blockchain is crucial to the development of the digital economy. However, facing competitors in the global market, app that gets more users can win. After seeing the future of digital economy, DiDi quickly gathered the world’s top blockchain talents to build a team, and take social networking, as the start of building blockchain ecosystem. DiDi has built a blockchain + social networking + digital ecosystem; created a privacy-based social ecology; built aentertainment content ecology, focusing on news, games, live broadcast, community; created a digital ecosystem where there are digital currency, payment, finance, custody. DiDi has committed to layout global digital infrastructure, allowing technology innovation to drive real blockchain value transmission, and realize the new life of digital economy.

For the concern of data security and privacy security, relying on blockchain decentralized end-to-end encryption technology based on improving user social experience, DiDi message has put up with encryption chat, burn after reading, message recalling, private community, multinational language translation functions, so as toensure user social security and safeguard the digital rights of every user around the world.

At present, DiDi users are from more than 150 countries and regions, covering 10 major mainstream language areas such as English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Arabic, Korean, Russian and Chinese, which has been rated as one of the most potential blockchain social platforms in the world by the industry.

In addition, based on the basic application of blockchain social networking, DiDi has built a content ecosystem with user entertainment as the core, covering multiple functions such as information, community, games, and live broadcasting, to upgrade user entertainment experience. People can find people with the same hobbies in the community, discover interesting things happening in the world in time, strengthen connections with friends in games, and interact with fans in live broadcasts… Exciting and diverse forms and content make entertainment link everyone’s social, Let everyone’s life be full of fun.

While DiDifocuses on user growth through social ecology and entertainment content ecology, it uses blockchain big data, blockchain finance and other technologies to build digital economy infrastructure, develop digital payments, digital banks, digital exchanges and other ecological sections, and actively expand lines Digital economy scenarios such as offline payment, digital currency secure transactions, digital asset custody, etc., are ahead of schedule for the digital economy era of the Internet of Everything.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology and the expansion of industry applications, the first-mover advantage of the blockchain digital economic ecology represented by DiDi has become more and more obvious. A few days ago, Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Bain Capital, KKR, Oaktree Capital and many other leading investment institutions have been discussing in-depth cooperation with DiDi. With the help of the world’s top capital, DiDi will set sail at full speed to accelerate the construction of the global blockchain digital economy infrastructure and allow global users to enter a new life in the digital economy. 

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