Raleigh Residents Learn to Prevent Termite Infestations

In warm, humid regions like Raleigh and the surrounding area, termites can be a big problem. Termites love wood and dampness. Dealing with infestations of termites and other insects is never easy, but there are good companies that solve homeowner’s termite problems week after week and then take steps to prevent the termites from coming back. Getting rid of a serious termite infestation is no job for homeowners or amateurs.

Spotting Termite Damage

The most important part of termite control is spotting the damage as soon as possible. Take a monthly walk around your home looking for signs of termite infestation. Familiarize yourself with what termites look like. There are some common signs indicating termites, including:

1. Wood that is hollow, weakened, or falling apart as well as wood that looks like it is rotting and weak with insect tunnels or holes in it. Press on the wood with your thumb to see if it gives or is falling apart.

2. Mud tubes or raised dirt tunnels near the home foundation.

3. In the spring or other times of the year, there can be swarms of winged termites near the house foundation.

4. Take a flashlight to the crawl space or basement and look for damage around the edges or corners. Look for small piles of frass, mud tubes, or other material damaged up by termites.

If any of these signs are present, call for help right away. Sustainable Pest Systems is a local pest control company that has a good reputation and an excellent track record for solving termite and other pest problems. Start the process by going online to https://sustainablepest.com/ to get helpful information and to set up an appointment.

Getting Rid of Termites

The best way to get rid of termites is to contact a good pest removal service such as https://sustainablepest.com/contact/. This is not a job for the homeowner since infestations can be extensive and hidden from the eye. Professionals will have the training and experience to get the job done right the first time using the best chemicals and bait systems.

Traditional termite control treatmentlasts up to five years depending on these factors:

  • The thoroughness of treatment and the products used. Termites can find any gaps in the chemical application.

  • Area of the country

  • Environmental conditions around the home

  • The density of the termite infestation being treated

Sentricon treatments are minimally invasive, proven to eliminate the colony, and is built as a system to outlast traditional treatments.

Keeping Termites Away

In addition to the preventative chemicals the pest removal company uses, there are steps a homeowner can take to keep termites away.

  • Do not pile wood or debris near the house foundation or in the basement or crawl space.

  • Stacks of wood should be elevated off the ground for storage.

  • Eliminate moisture around and in the home by fixing leaking faucets or water pipes and diverting rainwater away from the house with a good gutter system.

  • Keep the house foundation and trim in good repair.

The pest control experts can walk around the house with you, suggesting changes you can make to prevent termites from coming back.

About Sustainable Pest Systems

Sustainable Pest Systems has years of experience solving homeowner’s termite and other pest problems. We use the latest technology and environmentally friendly termite removal systems, including the Sentricon baiting system. It Is scientifically engineered to be safe, effective, and as environmentally friendly as possible. We also use our own traditional chemical treatments that are proven to be effective.

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