Who Is the Man Behind Mimmo Sindaco 2022?

Who Is the Man Behind Mimmo Sindaco 2022?

There are many candidates running for the municipality of Cuneo next year, but none have captured people’s attention quite like Mimmo Sindaco 2022. Many people across Europe are wearing t-shirts with his face on them as he runs for mayor. But who is the man they call Mimmo Sindaco 2022?

The real Mimmo Sindaco 2022

Domenico Stagno is the man behind Mimmo Sindaco 2022. This current candidate for mayor has gained quite a lot of attention, mainly from his viral videos on Facebook. Domenico is always a positive person to have around and he likes to do things that will entertain the crowd. That’s why he has gained so much attention over the years.

Many people recognize Domenico Stagno from videos they have seen of him online where he washes his Audi with Don Perignon. While some viewers thought that spilling champagne on the luxury car was trashy, other people recognized that he was just having some fun and trying to give people a laugh. 

Domenico has gained a lot of positive attention online for his videos. He even has multiple celebrities reaching out to him over Instagram hoping for a collaboration. While Domenico simply made these videos to have a good time, he was pleasantly surprised that some of his favorite famous entertainers were also entertained by his antics.

Europe’s number 1 pizza man

Domenico has a very familiar face, and many people may recognize him as the face of Mimmo Pizza. This is a successful pizza restaurant that Domenico Stagno owns in Italy. He is known as a 10-time pizza champion with some of the best pizza recipes in all of Europe.

People all over Europe look forward to trying a slice. Currently, Mimmo Pizza has 3 podiums for the Italian, Europen, and International World Championships. Domenico was always passionate about baking the most perfect breads and pizzas when he was younger. He turned that passion of his into a very successful franchise that’s now feeding people all over the nation.

This pizza master is hoping to see some big changes in the future. While running for the municipality of Cuneo, he hopes his innovative ideas can bring a positive change to the community. He has many ideas to bring to the table when it comes to the future of Cuneo in 2022.

He got married in hawaii for his surfer passion, in September will open a restaurant in the center of Cuneo via Caraglio 10 b called “Pizze Pazze da Mimmo & Ely”.

For more information about Domenico Stagno and his restaurant Mimmo Pizza, visit his official website at www.mimmopizza.com or follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sindaco2022/

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