What’s the advantages of aluminum extrusion housing?

As the manufacturers factory of customized aluminum extruded enclosures, our Huizhou weihua technology‘s business range of aluminum profiles mainly include the following aspects:

Aluminum e-cigarette case-Mainly use 6061 and 6063 aluminum metal materials, can be customized including various e-cigarette cases

Aluminum power bank and hard drive housing-can be customized in various colors and very high-end beautiful housing

Aluminum mobile phone case-a variety of mobile phone cases with uniform coating and diverse colors can be customized.

The above can be sprayed, CNC, sandblasted, anodized, brushed, CD pattern, laser engraved, etc. 

extruded aluminum housing is widely used in electronic instruments, meters, electronic communications, automation, smart cards, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries. It is an ideal housing for high-end instruments.

What’s the advantages of custom aluminum enclosures?

1 – Aluminum shell is an alloy material with strong plasticity, has advantages in hardness, is not easy to deform, and the heat dissipation performance of aluminum shell is better, so the use of aluminum alloy to make the shell can not only achieve the heat dissipation effect, but also Ensure that it will not be deformed due to high temperature.It can also reduce the probability of accidents.

2 – Aluminum housing also has good conductivity, not only inherits the conductivity of aluminum, but also has the ductility of aluminum. The aluminum shell is lighter in weight and beautiful in appearance, and is used in the production and processing of most products.

3 – The corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy shell makes it relatively low in the working environment when it is used. For example, the aluminum alloy charging pile shell can be used in areas with harsh weather. On the one hand, it can protect the inside of the power supply.

4 – Aluminum alloy shell is not easy to get dirty, easy to clean and maintain, has stable chemical properties, and is non-magnetic, so it can be recycled and reused, which has a good protective effect on the environment.

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