Making Jewelry that People Desire at MontCai Jewelry

Customizable pieces that are specially and uniquely made.

“Find Yourself First” is the inspiration behind MontCai Jewelry. MontCai want people to be able to own distinctive pieces that make them feel unique and confident. That is why the process of design and jewelry creation is a key element in the equation.

When a person partakes in design, it is such a personal experience and process that part of their soul will be embedded in the piece like any artist in his or her artwork, and that’s what makes it very dear. MontCai give the option to their customers to be involved in the design or customization process of their pieces. This collaboration creates a great connection between the customer and the special piece of jewelry that they will own and cherish. MontCai want their jewels to be able to hold memories and stories, pieces that people will not only wear on a daily basis but also good luck charms that will give them confidence, cheer and enthusiasm.

Traditionally customized or unique one of a kind jewelry are not accessible to many due to their high cost and expense, but MontCai offer it at a reasonable cost making it possible to acquire.

At present, MontCai offer a range of handcrafted rings and necklaces made from 925 sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold designs, some of which with cold enamel Cloisonné inlay. The collections are contemporary and pure while making a statement.

While having customized pieces takes more time than getting ready to wear jewelry, Montcai guarantees their customers a one of a kind experience creating pieces that please them and reflect their character. A word of advice for those who have a special event or specific timeline to plan ahead, because it takes from 2 to 3 weeks to prepare your made to order jewelry, it’s also a good idea to let the MontCai team know your timeline.

Based on their belief that each one of us can definitely make a difference in this world and with the mindset of taking the mission of jewelry to a different level where it can fill in the missing piece of a bigger picture of humanity and grace, a part of each purchase will be dedicated to the most vulnerable, particularly children through the Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Foundation.

Fueled by a passion to design, create, and make a difference, MontCai Jewelry is committed to craft and design pieces with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

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About MontCai Jewelry

MontCai Jewelry is a brand based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2019.

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