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A Nevada-based group of lawyers that work with timeshare owners.

For families that love to travel, investing in a timeshare may seem to be a sound financial decision. In reality, it has become one of the most misrepresented vacation products, many times putting families in financial hardship without ever receiving the product they were promised. Timeshares boast the benefit of giving families the leisure to enjoy vacations in their favorite resorts or related establishments for a typical trip that lasts one week. Often we see families denied use of the unit they purchased or denied the opportunity to book dates that work for them. Too many timeshare resort developers allow their sales teams to use high pressure, deceptive, and outright fraudulent practices to induce these unsuspecting families into purchasing a high ticket item that is not at all what it seems and, in most cases, these families have no idea that they are buying a lifetime commitment that may affect their estate and trap their heirs into inheriting the contract along with its fees and other costs. This is where Timeshare Defense Attorneys comes in to help families save their money.

Timeshare Defense Attorneys offers services in timeshare contract cancellation specifically for timeshare owners who were misled about the facts of ownership. As Richard Fonbuena, Esq., managing partner of Timeshare Defense Attorneys has said “Thousands of families are stuck in unwanted, costly timeshares. Now they can be free.”

Timeshare Defense Attorneys is a group of lawyers that uses consumer protection, real estate, and contract law to ease the financial burdens of timeshare owners that wish to be freed from a lifetime of fees. These lawyers are experienced and specialize in the legal area of timeshare cancellations and they utilize consumer protection, real estate, and contract law to eliminate timeshare contracts. In particular, they work with resorts throughout the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

With this expertise, Timeshare Defense Attorneys guides its clients through the step by step process of relieving themselves of their timeshare accounts. Before proceeding with a case, these attorneys recommend making an attempt to give the timeshare ownership back to resort developers or sell it. If these attempts are unsuccessful, the attorneys at Timeshare Defense Attorneys will continue to review all documentation related to the purchase of the timeshare in order to understand the facts surrounding a prospective client’s case. The best part about this evaluation is that it will be provided at no charge.

Case proposals will only be taken in by the law firm if they are highly confident with the facts. This guarantees not only 100% client satisfaction but also the security of an affordable one-time fixed fee.

The lawyers at Timeshare Defense Attorneys understand the unprecedented difficulties their clients are facing around the world and they are providing an affordable payment solution through their Stimulus Dollars Discount program.

Become free once-and-for-all from the financial burdens of timeshare owners.

Visit their website at https://www.timesharedefenseattorneys.com/.

About Timeshare Defense Attorneys

Timeshare Defense Attorneys is a group of lawyers that work with timeshare owners. They use consumer protection, real estate, and contract law to eliminate timeshare contracts and their corresponding financial burdens.

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