ZTE 5G Messaging Network Developments 2021

ZTE, a global leader in telecommunication and business and consumer technology solutions in mobile internet, has been identified as one of the leading equipment providers for 5G communications. ZTE 5G innovations are the largest and the most advanced, positioning the company as a global-go to partner for 5G deployments.

The 5G provider regularly gets together with experts from leading standards organizations, operators, and service providers to discuss best practices and the potential of the 5G Messaging ecosystem.

At the Messaging in 5G Era forum Barcelona 2021, ZTE VP Wang Quan stressed how 5G Messaging would be the key application of 5G systems. The company believes that its 5G business deployments can provide reliable, fast, efficient, smart, and secure messaging solutions.

Industry insights show that brands are beginning to get ready to adopt 5G messaging to achieve higher conversion rates. ZTE plans to empower operators to move from service distribution to app distribution. The company believes that 5G messaging services will provide operators with a new revenue stream.

Designing the Global Blueprints for 5G Messaging

A key objective for ZTE is to develop the technology needed to develop a 5G Messaging ecosystem. Presently, the company has achieved countless milestones to ensure that the global end-to-end 5G ecosystem IS fully developed.

As a reputable network construction company, ZTE has demonstrated excellent commercial performance on the largest messaging platform in the world, where a single LAN can handle more than 100 million users and have large terminals well-suited for scalability. 

The world’s first 5G message was delivered by ZTE’s 5G Messaging platform on April 3rd, 2020, in Hangzhou, China. ZTE will continue to assist operators in building the telecoms ecosystem 2.0 to support the prosperity of the telecoms sector.

Promoting Uniform Standards In the Development of the 5G Messaging Architecture

Besides being a key platform provider, ZTE’s commitment to operationalizing China’s 5G telecommunications ecosystem has not gone without notice. The company’s commitment to multi-sectorial collaboration was key in the development of Openlab2.0 and terminal full-coverage solutions. These have accelerated the development of 5G Messaging industry applications. 

ZTE released Openlab 2.0 early in 2021. On Chatbot Service Provider (CSP) certifications, ZTE has to date awarded certificates to seven CSPs, along with suggestions on how to upgrade their technologies, operations, and training.

ZTE has also established an IT innovation lab with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology CAICT based on Openlab2.0 and CTTL-Terminals. The 5G company has gone a step further in partnership with CAICT to publish the first 5G Messaging specifications, testing standards, and evaluation methods in China. The blueprints are expected to enhance the development of 5G Messaging technologies.

The incubation scale and coverage of Openlab2.0 have been expanded in the business incubator. We have incubated more than 150 applications with 5G messaging, including software for financial services, smart homes, government affairs, tourism, and more.

Supporting Communications Service Providers

The joint innovation lab, a progeny of ZTE Openlabs and Mobile Internet Service Innovation Centers within CAICT, mainly focuses on ICT. The lab aims to combine the advantages of both parties to provide 5G Messaging CSPs (communications service providers) with full-scale technical training, standard consulting, and test evaluation services.

CSPs can utilize the joint lab’s evaluation services to verify their 5G Messaging platform’s performance level. ZTE believes that increasing the efficiency of CSP customers’ operations through these services will satisfy their specialized needs and unlock significant productivity improvements.

ZTE has also expanded its strategic partnerships to develop a 5G messaging ecosystem that provides high-level market balance and develops a digital economy that operates at maximum efficiency as part of its digital transformation.

Driving Digital Economies And Building Commercial 5G Messaging Networks

Essentially, ZTE is building a road for digital economies. As a trusted provider, the company has focused on operator last-mile messaging channel development in the 5G Messaging field. Due to its leadership position in China, the company has played a vital role in developing and setting up 5G Messaging platforms for its major operators. 

ZTE gained valuable experience in deploying 5G in China. Outside China, the company has collaborated with countries-including Polland and Belgium-to materialize 5G and its benefits for their populations. It has recently been announced that China has the world’s largest 5G network.

The company met multiple complex requirements when deploying the ZTE 5G network in China, including multi-coverage scenarios and robust performance. It kept its industry leadership in terms of technological innovation, large-scale application, and product delivery to meet the needs in China. Presently the company boasts broad capabilities to fulfill the different requirements in diverse overseas markets segments.

Supporting Messaging Terminal Operators 

ZTE has rolled out a 5G-based messaging solution for operators. As a 5G Messaging technology leader, ZTE provides ten different models of 5G Messaging-enabled terminals, including the public and channel versions. As for ZTE 5G, mobile phones launched this year in China are all compatible with 5G messaging.

ZTE has powered the largest 5G messaging platform globally as a pioneer in promoting a 5G messaging ecosystem. By collaborating with 70 CSPs, ZTE works with more than 150 Chatbots to help vertical industries through Openlab.

Further, the company’s AnyMessage platform can support all messaging solutions, and users have access to it through any 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G network. Business messaging formats can be supported based on industry standards. Its flexibility of deployment meets carriers’ needs for 5G messaging platforms.

Businesses and brands are showing increasing interest in 5G Messaging as more and more operators join the ecosystem across the world. Parallel to this, there have been increased users, new business models, and new collaborations.

Over one billion people are covered by Rich Communication Services (RCS). During the next two years, the number of people is expected to reach 3.5 billion at the current trajectory. By 2023, experts project that RCS will be accessible to about 40 % of mobile subscribers.

To spearhead the 5G messaging ecosystem, ZTE plans to continue working with global operators and partners. And as the industry transitions to the 5G era, the company will focus on enhancing its innovation skills and accelerating the development of 5G commercial applications by creating cutting-edge products and solutions. 

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