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Custom display solutions made easy.

August 19, 2021 – Choosing display components in product development can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Changing technology, supplier instability, and a number of other factors can hold up the process–or worse, result in an short life, sub-par end product.

The nature of technology and the supplier/solution landscape evolves fast, but the end user experience (UX) remains a top priority for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) clients. DCL Technologies Inc. helps clients improve business with updated, user-friendly, and well supported display solutions.

Whether it’s a medical device or a beverage dispenser, a security panel or a rugged tablet, DCL Technologies curates easy-to-read, intuitive display assemblies that will meet all objectives.

A lot of companies offer display solutions, but thru the results of DCL Technologies’ mission to be the easiest display partner to work with, engineers are getting streamlined access to key information, samples, first article and great support. Industrial designers get access to product, supplier and market data that enable them to add maximum value for their clients and purchasing teams get a weight off from supplier demands.

“Purchasing or engineering, designer or CEO, we speak your language. We know what’s important to you and your key objectives and we make quick work of helping you achieve them,” says Andrew Blum, DCL President.

About DCL Technologies

Instead of doing the heavy lifting alone, companies’ pair with DCL Technologies for updated, organized display screen solutions for fast and reliable business management. The company has more than 25 years of industry success helping clients make it easy to get things done. Discover custom solutions from LCD (liquid-crystal display) and Touch Sensors to optical bonding, cables and more.

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