Achieve More with Sansi’s VMS Sign Display Products

Any Highway display product, once installed, will be exposed to sunlight, rain, snow and possibly harsher conditions such as typhoons and sandstorms. This requires the product to have high visual penetrability, effective brightness, optimal contrast ratio and durable IP Level. Display screens need to have a reliable performance throughout every environment and SANSI’s VMS outdoor screen meet all of the above.

SANSI exported its products to more than 30 countries from the United States, Europe to Japan, Southeast Asia and so on, making it the largest display network worldwide. From Saudi Arabia to North America, SANSI Variable Message Signs always exhibit excellent display performance.

Since 1993, SANSI has led the way in VMS product research and development, SANSI Highway information screens have much higher values than regular products, with L3 brightness, R3 contrast ratio & higher IP levels. They reduce power consumption, significantly improve heat dissipation, and increase reliability. SANSI VMS products fit any ITS application and offer industry-critical reliability, legibility, and serviceability.

To ensure the highest quality of products, Sansi applies strict quality control measures to all aspects of the manufacturing process, and all those advantages make it a versatile display solution for modern Highways.


SANSI LED information screens offer a highly configurable, adaptable and flexible solution for a wide variety of different situations. Featuring the latest technology and being EN12966 certified by meeting the following criteria through thorough tests: visual performance, physical performance, structural performance, electrical requirements, electromagnetic compatibility, which is of great benefit to improving the access standards and ensuring the quality of traffic information screens.

● Outstanding Optical Performance 

SANSI LED screen optical lens is a patented product of SANSI. SANSI’s optical lenses prevent visual loss and produce uniform light distribution. The unique structure strictly keeps the light between 0°~-15°, which avoids any light interference into the driver’s angle of view and improving the light efficiency.

In general, traditional lenses will have the same luminance as the left image, symmetrical distribution, low efficiency and heavy light pollution. The right image shows how the SANSI lens has polarized distribution, higher efficiency and no light pollution.

The unique surface structure of SANSI’s lens absorbs a significant amount of sunlight, which eliminates the interference of sun light while sustaining the performance of the LED.


Compared to traditional lenses, the smooth surface of SANSI’s lens enables a better color mix of the LED, almost without chromatic aberration of white light.


The SANSI LED screen module consists of multiple layers, which avoids interference of light from different LED chips and ensures a better visual performance.


● VMS Excellent Heat Dissipation  

VMS Cabinet has a double-layered door design. The outer sunshade effectively keeps out the heat from outside and ensures the whole cabinet’s heat dissipation without the need for an internal fan.

● VMS Superior Cabinet Structure 

VMS Cabinet front cover has a spraying treatment with a special coating and technical design of the surface texture. The cabinet surface has a unique matte treatment to reduce sunlight reflection and increase the contrast ratio, which ensures better display performance.

The edge-free design keeps the module from being easily covered by snow or dust in outdoor applications, avoids light loss from potential snow cover and keeps the cabinet surface safe from erosion.


Sansi’s VMS sign display products have been developed to optimize the safety and quality of the whole road network, becoming an integral part of the world’s traffic management.


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