Carmen’s Luxury Travel: A Five-Star Influencer

Discover how this online content creator inspires people around the world to enjoy luxury travel and dream big.

There is more to being a luxury travel influencer than glamorous Instagram photos, and Carmen Edelson from Carmen’s Luxury Travel understands that. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Carmen has been building her online brand since 2013 where she started with a travel blog to share her luxurious vacations with friends and family. Fast forward to 2021, Carmen is now speaking to a worldwide audience across her website and social media platforms.

What is the key to her success? Other than hard work and persistence, perhaps Carmen appreciates the finer things in life more than most. As a Cuban-American whose parents immigrated to the United States in the late 60s, Carmen did not have the means to travel until she was a working adult and married. In fact, the travel bug did not bite until her early thirties when she decided to tag along last minute on a trip to Spain to visit family. This trip was pivotal and inspired Carmen to create a life of travel for herself that she could only dream of as a young girl.

While Carmen now has the means to travel personally and professionally in a five-star way, her definition of luxury travel goes beyond first class flights and lavish resorts. She believes that travel, in general, is a luxury and anyone can create the vacation of their dreams. Sometimes the best food in a city can be found from a simple stall in a food market, or booking a passionate local guide and seeing the world from their eyes on a private tour can be the best money you spend on a trip. Those memorable experiences can turn any vacation into the trip of a lifetime. From advice on saving, travel planning, and getting the most value out of your travel experiences, Carmen’s Luxury Travel aims to be anyone’s go-to resource for travel enthusiasts.

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