Soundwave Art™ revolutionizes the industry with an innovative mobile app that is capable of playing artwork and photos.

In an era of social distancing, Soundwave Art™ offers a unique experience by turning a voice pattern into beautiful, playable sound wave art.

Soundwave Art™ continues to revolutionize the industry after unveiling an innovative mobile application that enables people to add augmented reality to their artwork and photos, making them playable through their mobile devices.

Mike LaTour, the owner of Soundwave Art™, says when someone creates a piece of art from their voice pattern to give to a loved one, they are making a unique gift and a piece of art that’s sure to melt hearts.

“What if you could listen to that piece of art? That’s what the mobile app does. When our customers receive their art, they simply open our app and hold it up to the art to hear that sound wave pattern. What makes it even more interesting is that it can also play video. This is where augmented reality comes in,” explains Mike.

The Soundwave Art™ mobile app adds a new dimension to Sound wave Art, photos, paintings, murals, etc., by combining the physical and digital world. When a person scans the programmed image, a video plays on top of it through a mobile device.

In a video, Canadian comedian, television personality, and screenwriter Howie Mandel was seen surprised after receiving a Soundwave Art™ gift from his grandchild.

“Oh my God, I love that! This is my favorite thing,” says Howie, after listening to the soundwave of his granddaughter, who utters: “I love you, Papa, so much.”

On the other hand, American improvisational comedian and actor James Murray also expressed delight after receiving his Soundwave Art™, “Don’t Move,” which was a custom piece created as a promotion for his book of the same title. He even showed his fans how amazed he was with the gift.

“It’s an augmented reality piece of art. You put it up on your wall, in your room, or what have you. You hold your phone up to it, and it automatically pulls up the video. It’s crazy!” says Murray in a reaction video.

As every voice generates its own distinctive pattern, Mike LaTour says Soundwave Art™ provides people with the opportunity to create a unique piece of art by recording their voice, uploading an audio file, or a special memory captured on video. 

Its software will convert that file into a sound wave pattern that people can then design by using the design tool on the Soundwave Art™ website and having it printed on one of its many products.

People don’t have to purchase a physical product from the company, though, explains Mike. They can add augmented reality to an image or artwork they already own. They just send the team their photo and video, and Soundwave Art™ will activate it, so it is playable with its mobile app. 

Augmented reality has led the way in bolstering customization — something that redefines gift-giving in an era of social distancing and the so-called new normal. Soundwave Art™ offers a unique experience of converting sound into playable and personalized art.

The company, which was established in 2012, has been helping customers create beautiful, unique personalized art from their voice patterns, voicemails, wedding vows, even heartbeats from ultrasound recordings.

When the company developed its Soundwave Art™ App, it added a new dimension to Sound wave art – Augmented reality. They even offer augmented reality marketing plans for businesses or options for photographers, musicians, and artists to add augmented reality to their own work for resale. 

Customers who want to learn more about Soundwave Art™, including reviews from customers, may visit its website for more information.

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