Riders Plus Offers Great Motorcycle Insurance

Riders Plus Offers Great Motorcycle Insurance

Nothing feels quite as free as taking on the road – just you and your bike. The thrill and danger involved are part and parcel of the package, leading many to ‘forget’ to insure their ride. Think about it, though. Is that really a good idea?

Today we’ll give you 4 solid reasons why you should consider motorcycle insurance so that you can see that it’s not just about keeping legally compliant. Insurance can protect your way of life! You are also welcome to consult experts from Riders Plus Insurance!

It is essential

The first consideration is the simple legality of it. In most cases, you’re going to need motorcycle insurance just to register your bike in the first place. Insurance is something that you ignore at your own peril. One common mistake is that people think it’s only about liability.

It’s not… good motorcycle insurance is about much, much more.

It can help with lost income and even childcare if you get hurt

Personal injury insurance is a great example of where insurance can really help to protect where it counts. With a good policy, you can get some reimbursement on things that you don’t think about until you have to. It’s more than medical costs – a good personal injury policy can help to reimburse you for things like childcare and loss of income while you are recovering.

 It lets you live the way you want, but with an ace in the hole just in case you need it!

Custom motorcycles get stolen every day

We put a lot of time and a lot of love into making our bikes an expression of ourselves and upgrading their performance. People see the paintjobs, but modifications to the exhaust, additions such as frame sliders… the average joe doesn’t notice those, but thieves do.

Bikes are fairly easy to steal, especially if you like to go on a cross-country motorcycle trip on your own, leaving the world for a little personal time with the road. If you are putting all of your extra money into your bike, you really should protect your investment, because people can take all that work and time away from you in a matter of minutes.

It’s ugly, but it’s a fact of life, and good motorcycle insurance can help to make you whole again.

Collision insurance can help you to rebuild

Bikes are beautiful and fast, but even one collision can do a lot of damage. People drive their cars recklessly all of the time, ignoring road signs and bikes all of the time. It’s amazing, really, when you consider that’s an average of 3000 pounds of metal and plastic being operated with very little focus.

A veteran biker can often avoid serious damage to themselves, with a little luck and a lot of experience, but rebuilding after some idiot plows into your bike is a long, hard road. Insurance can make all of the difference in how long it takes you to get back to doing what you love.

In conclusion: Motorcycle insurance just makes good sense

Not only is insurance the law, but it’s genuinely practical when you really think about it. It can help with injury, getting childcare, and supplementing lost wages when you get hurt. It protects you from theft and helps you rebuild when someone else’s carelessness damages your ride.

Motorcycle insurance is about more than basic liability. When you really think about it, it’s about keeping you on the road, doing what you love, for as long as humanly possible and that’s something that just about all of us can agree with!

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