Employability Skills initiative launched by Learn Now

It has come as no surprise that individuals need to be on top of their employability skills more than ever and that is why Learn Now online learning college has implemented a course that will help not only get people back into jobs but also help them progress with their chosen career. 

Covid-19 has brought with it many issues and uncertainty, such as the severe disruption to education over the last 18 months. As an example, IGCSE students have been affected immensely with summer exams being cancelled twice; firstly, in the 2020 series and then again in the 2021 series. Many students of Learn Now, studying Edexcel online IGCSE courses have been unable to sit examinations in the traditional way and have had no choice but to receive predicated grades based on assessments and mock exams. Although some students thrive on coursework, there are still many who were not expecting these cancellations and were solely relying on putting everything into their final examinations. 

Like education, the Covid-19 pandemic is also responsible for 100s of people being made redundant and losing their jobs. Because of the constant lockdowns and start-stop of many businesses, this has meant that they have become totally unsustainable and although they may have been recession proof, they certainly did not anticipate having to be pandemic proof.

Recognising that there is a skills gap simply in applying for jobs, Learn Now have introduced an Employability Skills course, which is free of charge and will cover many important factors that have an effect on not only whether applicants are successful with their job application but also whether they will actually be invited to attend an interview. The Employability Skills course will start with the basics and not only help learners recognise where they are at the moment but also where they want to be in the future; giving everyone time to reflect on the positives. It will look at the various interview methods and guide potential job applicants through each style so that they are prepared for any outcome; helping them gain the confidence needed to smash that interview.  

With competition in the jobs market at its highest level for many years, it is now more important than ever that applicants brush up on their skills and prepare themselves properly for that all-important job application process.

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