This New Social Media App is Paying Users Thousands of Dollars a Month to try New Feature

This New Social Media App is Paying Users Thousands of Dollars a Month to try New Feature
Jeti is a social media app centered around building community while keeping users safe and secure.

Communities play an essential role in every aspect of our lives. We have communities in our friends, families, school, employment, neighborhoods, and more. We find community in the sports teams we back, the artists we appreciate, and even the food we love. Having a sense of community unites us. Being a part of a community can make us feel like we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us opportunities to connect with others in so many ways. 

Jeti is a social media app centered around building community while keeping users safe and secure. When you open the app, you see what stories, pictures, videos, and messages people post within a few miles of you.

Want feedback? Got a question about a life problem? You have the option to do this anonymously on Jeti without creating an account. By creating an account, users can follow people they know and build a following around the content they share. So whether you’re in a densely populated college campus, a major city, or a rural town, you can always stay in touch with your local community.

“Even though thanks to the Internet, you can be friends with anyone on the planet, the likelihood that a person will be friends with someone in a distant location chosen at random is far lower than the likelihood that this person will be friends with someone who lives in close proximity. Proximity creates a strong boundary for who will be your friends,” said Tommy Nguyen, a Rensselaer graduate student and member of the Social Cognitive Network Academic Research Center (SCNARC).

Providing an unparalleled experience grounded in the local community, Jeti values keeping users comfortable, enforcing a no-tolerance policy towards bullying and hate speech. As a result, people are currently using Jeti for several reasons, from sharing anonymous advice, connecting with others and building relationships, and raising awareness for events, new businesses, and more! 

Made by college students, with over 30,000 downloads worldwide and growing every day, Jeti is launching a unique campaign to reward early adopters for sharing the BEST content on Jeti. app! From College Athletes to social media influencers or Brand Ambassadors, the growing social media app is rewarding the community enabling them.

How Can Jeti Users Earn Money Using Their New Feature?

Whether money is earned from a Jeti post submission is determined using a proprietary formula based on their score. Jeti notes it’s actively monitoring for fraud to ensure view counts are not artificially inflated. In addition, earnings will be paid out to users at the end of every month, and Jeti will send a direct message to notify people who are awarded a share of the money.

Great opportunity for College Students and Athletes

This opportunity allows college athletes throughout the United States and students at the select universities to currently MAKE UP TO $6,000 PER MONTH! Jeti is inviting a limited number of people to participate in the Jeti Ambassador Program from the team (collective) alma mater.

– The Ohio State University
– West Virginia University
– George Washington University
– Penn State University
– Towson University

Yes, you read that right! College athletes can click here to get started.  If you are interested in their ambassador program you can learn more here at this link

Jeti believes the global community deserves a place to be authentic, a place to be equal, and a place to connect with people nearby – download and start having fun today! is available on iOS and Android.

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