IPO Cosmetics Launches the World’s First Portable 4Step Facial Kit

IPO Cosmetics Introduces an Affordable, Convenient, Luxury Portable Skincare Option.

What if you could get high-end quality skincare formulas in eco-friendly, space saving packaging?

Meet It’s Perfect On (IPO) Cosmetics. With Korean utility and packaging patents, IPO Cosmetics delivers a facial cleanser, eye cream, face cream and sheet mask all in the convenience of one single, recyclable pouch. Launched in May 2019, IPO Cosmetics aims to be the perfect product for your skin from the ingredients to the quality to the benefits that will also increase self-confidence of having great skin.

Michelle Kim, CEO of IPO Cosmetics, is a customer-centered businesswoman and product junkie dedicated to creating high-quality skincare products. Prior to launching IPO Cosmetics, she spent 20 years in fashion and launched contemporary brands 213 Industry and MK2K that were very popular amongst celebrity stylists and recognized by big publications.

Michelle was truly clear about one thing when starting IPO Cosmetics – quality over gimmicky aesthetics. Packing the products in portable pouches are innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective, allowing Kim to invest the most capital in the formulations versus expensive containers.

“During the initial research and development phase, I discovered that a majority of the budget ends up going towards packaging and marketing, not the ingredients or the content. It really blew me away! I wanted to change that, bring high-quality, effective product to the masses without bankrupting them for a product that doesn’t deliver,” stated Kim.

The current collection includes:

Glam 4Step Facial: Focused on hydration, Glam is great for prepping the skin before a night out. Use before putting on makeup or simply for a flawless, polished look with a killer afterglow. Key ingredients include:

Camellia sinensis extract – Focuses on firming, anti-aging while loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories

Beta glucan – Stimulates collagen, smooths wrinkles and delivers antioxidants

Cucumber extract – Hydrates, soothes, and reduces swelling

Apricot kernel extract – Revives, repairs, enhances skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles

Recover 4Step Facial: Focused on deep moisturizing, Recover has skin looking brand new for dull tired skin. Your skin will feel moisturized, hydrated and you will have the healthy, bright glow. Key ingredients include:

Laminaria japonica extract – Eliminates toxins

Centella asiatica extract – Heals, strengthens, and protects

Eucalyptus globulus extract – Collagen booster

Calendula flower extract – Slows premature aging

Every product is paraben, sulfate, artificial fragrance and cruelty free, and TSA approved.

“IPO Cosmetics 4Step facial systems are affordable, portable and non-committal – you can buy to try, use for travel, take on hiking, don’t need to pack the clutter when you travel,” added Kim.

IPO Cosmetics has already been recognized by some of the biggest publications in the world including InStyle, teenVOGUE, Nylon, and The Zoe Report and was recently awarded “Best Sheet Mask Brand” of 2020 by Luxe Life.

Each 4Step kit retails for $8 and is available on www.itsperfecton.com.

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