The Dystopian Cyber Thriller Saga Continues

“Die by the Code” is the second novel in the Daedalus Cycle series by German author Christoph Brueck. For all those who enjoyed the thrilling first book of the series “The Revolution will be Tokenized”, here comes the second book to enthral you. 

Dystopian novels have always been the talk of the town whenever they have been published throughout history. A dystopian novel is often set in an imaginary world where the authority is influential, ruthless, and overpowering. Interestingly, “Die by the Code” upholds the value of dystopian novels and effortlessly explores not the effect of one authority but the darker side of the digital age. It dares to show the horrors technology can unleash upon humanity, society, and the individual.

Picking up from where Christoph Brueck left off in his debut novel, “Die by the Code” allows us to delve deeper into the futuristic world where Cypher is still a fugitive and on the run. This young and fearless hacker has become the most wanted woman on the planet through the first novel’s events. Danger lurks around every corner, and nothing is what it seems. Thus, she cannot bear the risk of trusting just anyone.

Cypher begins to absorb the fear that surrounds her and acknowledges the threat she poses to the world only when she makes her arrival in near-future Hong Kong. The city is a high-tech metropolis under constant surveillance where it will be insanely difficult for Cypher to place her faith in anyone. To survive, she must embrace her evolving legend and become exactly the threat she is made by her enemies.

“Die by the Code” is an upcoming novel that further explores Cypher’s journey into the dark side of her digitalised world. It’s a novel for all those who took an instant liking to “The Revolution Will Be Tokenized” earlier this year.

Die by the Code is published by the Daedalus Publishing GmbH.

Publishing Date: July 15, 2021

Available online at

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