How Adversity Made Sean-Nika Floyd, A first-generation College Student Stronger

Sean-Nika Floyd is a first-generation college student, having completed undergraduate and graduate degree programs. While in college, she started her career with Verizon as an intern. In June, Sean-Nika celebrated 12 years with the company and has the experience of working in a variety of departments and positions within that time. Sean-Nika currently provides HR support for the organization, having passions in employee engagement as well as diversity and inclusion.

Sean-Nika is a believer that adversities truly make a person stronger even though the challenges adversities present aren’t always easy to endure. Her upbringing drives her to overcome any obstacle that she faces and creates a relentless passion to always be her best self in pursuit of striving and thriving for more. When Sean-Nika was just one year old, her birth mom died after being beaten into a coma. Sean-Nika was blessed to be gifted with a second mother and engrafted into another family. The parents that Sean-Nika always knew as her mom and dad were older and retired grandparents at the time their paths crossed but they still took care of her as if she were their own – doing all the things that parents should do.

While Sean-Nika has overcome a variety of things from low self-esteem to the scare of a low-grade malignant tumor, the hardest things she’s had to overcome was losing her parents – her mom while she was in high school in 2005 and her dad after she’d completed undergraduate school in 2011. 


The love, the faith, and the values they instilled in Sean-Nika helped her to meet adversity head-on and be strong – even in their absence. They loved, supported, invested, and helped her to believe that she was special and that she could do anything she put her mind to. Sean-Nika can persevere because she knows that’s the right thing to do. Every goal and accomplishment met is Sean-Nika’s way of showing gratitude to her parents and her way of encouraging others with similar journeys in life.

Sean-Nika states that because she knows that life is uncertain, she wanted to have something that would always remind her son that he is loved and that he can do anything he sets his mind to do. Sean-Nika’s new book, Did You Know, is her attempt at doing just that and hopefully allowing others to do the same with the children in their lives.

The best advice Sean-Nika would give someone is to never give up on the vision they see in their mind. Translate the vision into something tangible and take small steps to meet the goals every day. Be compassionate yet firm with yourself. Similarly to what her book promotes, we should say affirmations out loud like “I can do the hard things!” Sean-Nika also notes that while it is important to stay focused, it is also important to celebrate your progress and successes.


Now that Sean-Nika has become a published author, she feels incredibly inspired to create more. She knows now the self-publishing process is easier than some may perceive and looks forward to thinking through the creation of another book or helping people she knows to bring their visions to life in print. She also plans to create more products to accompany her first book like puzzles, affirmation flashcards, and anything that will help little ones to have positive reinforcement. She loves that her son influenced the character of her first book and that this initial project is dedicated to him. She believes representation matters and it has been really beautiful to create more diverse products in this space for all to enjoy.

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